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Avanti and Dev are very close friends in spite of their very different dreams.

Rutu worships his dad, and wants to be exactly like him. But one day he realizes that his dad is not the hero that he had always thought him to be.

Sarah felt alone in this world, particularly after her grandmother's death. It seemed that life was going to be like that for Sarah until she met Richard. Those two lonely souls found love in each others' arms. But then something changed Sarah's life forever.

Hardly are the things as they ever seem.

Reggie has been struggling to find the will to live, burning his lungs with cigarettes and drowning himself in alcohol. As he moves from one vice to another, it is as if he is playing a game. But his wife, Nellie plans to be with him no matter what happens, guiding him through this dark time.

Every little boy's first hero is his father. This is the story of a boy who has grown into an adult, but still remembers his father as the hero he was for him, when he was little.

What happens to love when a person is blinded by his ambitions? What happens when goals and love collide? What happens when you try to run behind the pearls spread on the beautiful seabed while leaving a hand unattended? It's the story of Anay, his walk on his favorite beach, and the journey of his heart on the horizon of the past and present!

What happens when dreams are mixed with reality?

Inspiration can be found in the strangest of places, in this story a young girl finds the strength to be herself through her dog.

Relevant Stories

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