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Inspirational & Motivational stories create hope and reassure us that we can learn, grow and improve, and enjoy life by shedding light on possibilities. These short stories rejuvenates, motivates, revitalizes and provides valuable lessons of life.

Relevent Stories

That Durga Saptami, praying silently to the Goddess, I asked for the courage to be able to slay the Mahishasura of my life, if provoked.

Painting is an inspirational story presenting the relation between two strangers with a huge age difference and explains that sometimes even kids could teach us a lot.

Looking for inspiration, we better look around ourselves. It is a story of a boy who learns from people toiling hard around him.

Arun is trustful, compassionate, perceptive, as well as philosophical about life. He is the type of man who doesn't let life worry him, and he takes each day as it comes. This story tells us how love and kindness can change a thief or a criminal.

Every person gets a lot of choices in his life. Only he can build his future. Taking the correct decision at the correct time is what a person should learn. "Choice" is one such story trying to lead a person to the right path.

A story about an old woman, her chimney, her dead husband and her cat

Fake crusader is a story of a girl who gives her life fighting for her self-esteem. It describes two different personalities with the same background, continue reading to find out how this leads her to the peak point.

"The death ward always had a stench of mucus, pee and shit, barely covered by the pungent smell of antiseptics, but only that day I knew. That day, I was cursed." Part of growing up is finding the purpose of our life despite the ordeals it throws at us. This is a short, introspective story about a teenager who tries to understand the meaning of life and of death after witnessing a tragic event.

This story is true to life,based on real experiences in school.This life has never been easy and it requires great hope,trust and courage to surpass the challenges. Sometimes talking could lead to solving of many problems and it is better than sitting and suffering alone.

Relevant Stories

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