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Children's stories are not just to entertain or instruct but should encourage to explore life. Most of these stories are easy-to-read and revolve around child's real and imaginative world of toys and puppets; real or invented animals; miniature or magnified humans.

Relevent Stories

Hardly are the things as they ever seem.

This is a story of a teacher who inspires a teenage boy to change his attitude about life. How the correct piece of advice motivated him to climb the stairs of success.

Things are not always as they appear. It all depends on one’s perception.

Painting is an inspirational story presenting the relation between two strangers with a huge age difference and explains that sometimes even kids could teach us a lot.

An incident in my childhood that changed my perspective of life and turned me into a totally new person. how it brought me closer to words and made me fall in love with them.

Adam has always been a good boy who has made his parents proud, but when he is teased about being a good boy at school, he decides to change for the worse.

Relevant Stories

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