We are all about the love of stories!

"Stories unite us, heal us, teach us and unwind us like nothing else in the world"

With a love for stories since ever, I Ruhani and my husband, Jagrit first realized our common passion while sitting in a coffee-shop inside a bookstore soon after our marriage. This triggered the idea of starting a platform of short stories where every creative mind, whether a renowned one or just a beginner, should be able to write and share his/her story with the world. The common passion became our dream and shortstorylovers.com was born.

The Success Story

When we started shortstorylovers.com in 2011 as a part-time passion, it was more or less a personal platform. We spread the word among our family and friends, urged them to write stories for us and in fact, this is how shortstorylovers.com got its first few stories. To be honest, that was a surprise for many of us (including myself), who had never in her wildest dreams even thought of writing a story!

And it took off from there...

Our dream of making the unknown, new and budding creative minds find a place to share their stories with the world, is a successful online platform today. Our potential audience run in millions and engages with unique stories from the world over. Moreover, we are being watched by publishers, who are looking for new authors - who knows the next one could be YOU!

Read. Write. Connect.

You, as a reader, will find stories that interest you, intrigue you, and speak to you on our platform.

You, as an author, will find your voice, and the trust to connect with and speak to an intelligent readership.

What's in store for you?

  • We have one of the finest collections of short stories of varied genres - be it fantasy or romance, adventure or drama, comedy or tragedy, children's stories or tales of suspense and horror, and so on.
  • You can read amazing original stuff, connect with fellow readers and upcoming writers, or write – because we believe, ANYBODY CAN WRITE!
  • Our stories transcend all man-made barriers of nationality, race and language.

And yes, get paid for your passion!

Recently, we came up with the thought of making it even more rewarding for our authors. Apart from the exposure that they get on our website, we are proud to share that now they will get royalty as well!
Our readers will get the best of stories at a nominal annual fee, and authors will make money on the go.

Let’s share our stories with the world!