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That Durga Saptami, praying silently to the Goddess, I asked for the courage to be able to slay the Mahishasura of my life, if provoked.

Inspiration can be found in the strangest of places, in this story a young girl finds the strength to be herself through her dog.

Every person gets a lot of choices in his life. Only he can build his future. Taking the correct decision at the correct time is what a person should learn. "Choice" is one such story trying to lead a person to the right path.

A family is supposed to be supportive, not in competition.

The nightmares wouldn't stop until I received a visit from my brother.

A child's account of a day in her kindergarten, with the hindsight of adulthood.

The family farm has always had a special meaning for Bob, but with the death of his father, he is forced to face the realities and needs of today.

You are the main character. You can now finally enjoy your Christmas vacation. You expect it to be a perfect holiday away from stress at school. However, it isn't a family reunion you imagine. It's something you wish you could never tell to anyone. It still haunts every inch of you every time you think about the horror of it.

Everyone deserves a special gift on their birthdays. On his dad's birthday, he decided to write a letter. Something, which he should have written earlier.

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