• Drama

These stories are presented almost exclusively through dialogue. They generally have a setting, characters, plot, and even symbolism. Family, death, biography: basically tales that are closer to life.

Relevent Stories

This story is about Jacob and his complicated life. He is an introvert with unstable relationships and recurring nightmares. Until one day, he meets a man and develops a strange bond with him. Little did he know that this person might be the answer to his dreams.

She wakes up in a strange room, gets dressed and leaves. Outside she is chased by an unknown woman. Who is she?

Reggie has been struggling to find the will to live, burning his lungs with cigarettes and drowning himself in alcohol. As he moves from one vice to another, it is as if he is playing a game. But his wife, Nellie plans to be with him no matter what happens, guiding him through this dark time.

Everyone must face the consequences of their actions, all stand equal in the balance of justice.

Arun is trustful, compassionate, perceptive, as well as philosophical about life. He is the type of man who doesn't let life worry him, and he takes each day as it comes. This story tells us how love and kindness can change a thief or a criminal.

A child's account of a day in her kindergarten, with the hindsight of adulthood.

Things are not always as they appear. It all depends on one’s perception.

The life of an elderly spinster is depicted in this story. Lonely old Miss Mackenzie occupies herself by gardening every day. It’s when she meets Anil, a little Indian boy, that they bond through their love for botany. As Anil leaves for his vacation back home, loneliness creeps back into Miss Mackenzie’s house and as the winter wind blows, it puts her at rest.

Inspiration can be found in the strangest of places, in this story a young girl finds the strength to be herself through her dog.

Relevant Stories

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