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These humorous tales will make you laugh for a long time. Comedy stories are a stress reliever and can boost up our moods, and can make our day! And yes there will be Satires where author don't mind using irony, sarcasm and ridicule.

Relevent Stories

I lead the most boring life, until one day I found myself under attack from assassins

Satan is having a bad night, as he is stuck in the rain and his car breaks down. What will the Prince of Darkness do now?

A film director, an actor and a semi-functional time machine, what will this trio lead to? Confusion, chaos or a fantastic performance, read more to uncover the tale.

Grandfather is an odd but lovely man, and one day in the market, he buys a young python that he sees from the Snake Charmer. Alas, when they bring the python home, Grandmother lets out an ungodly scream, and says it must be sent packing. Try though they might, the python keeps coming home and becomes a reluctant part of the family. But what scrapes will young Ruskin get into with a python as a pet? And how does one take care of the python when you also have a parrot and a monkey?

It is Tobacco Festival time in ole town Skanksville, and Dambo Blankenridge is in town. A humorous tale for our adult readers.

This tale is about one unique businessman who learns his lessons the hard way. In his own way, however, he tends to enjoy the experience just the same.

Relevant Stories

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