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These stories maintain a mood of mystery, suspense, dilemma, doubt, perplexity, anxiety and secrecy throughout the story and keep readers guessing, contemplating and predicting every moment of story as to what will happen next, till the story ends.

Relevent Stories

Things are hardly ever as they seem.

Winter that year left devastating blizzards, as frozen bodies crowded the village. Yet one day Connors discovers a mysterious entity among the whirling snows; the Snow Lady.

This story is about Jacob and his complicated life. He is an introvert with unstable relationships and recurring nightmares. Until one day, he meets a man and develops a strange bond with him. Little did he know that this person might be the answer to his dreams.

Guilt just literally came to life in the form of a malevolent entity Neoma. But lurking in the darkness is the creature the Nightwalker, on the lookout for his next prey.

Trees don’t look after themselves, somebody else does.

Fake crusader is a story of a girl who gives her life fighting for her self-esteem. It describes two different personalities with the same background, continue reading to find out how this leads her to the peak point.

This is the story about the hunter, Isog, a young man living in an unknown time and place. He has been living with four voices in his head. These voices raised him to survive in the cruel dying world he was living in. He tried to figure out who he was as he seemed to be living in two different worlds to an extent that he couldn’t find which one was real.

Pisces got separated from her childhood best friend eight years ago. She was devastated knowing she might never see him again. However, one day at work, a man with a book might change her life forever.

The nightmares wouldn't stop until I received a visit from my brother.

Relevant Stories

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