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Everyone has a story to tell but few actually do. Submit your story with us and we will take care of the rest. Get feedback, advice, editing, tools and much more to help you get published. And most importantly we will make sure your story reaches a wide audience. So let your imagination run wild; pen down anything from romance to thrillers- your story might be the next online sensation! Beginners and seasoned writers, ANYONE can publish their story. What’s more? Get PAID for short stories – the more views your short story gets, the more you earn. It is like getting rewarded for something you love doing – writing.

How it Works

  • Write your story

    Turn your idea into a short story. Use our platform to write and edit on the go!

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    Sign up as an author and submit your story. It will just take a few minutes!

  • Earn Royalty

    ShortStoryLovers is the only online platform that pays royalty to its authors. Earn good money. Build your personal brand.


  • royalty

    Earn Royalty

    Get paid for your short stories. You will receive a part of the subscription fee paid by your readers as royalty.

  • membership

    Free Author Membership

    You can publish stories for free, there is no subscription fee for authors!

  • support

    Author Support Team

    We have in place a Chat Support system for all our users in order to help them navigate our website easily.

  • cover-image

    Cover Image Creator

    This is one of our most popular tools. You can create free cover images for your stories. And many more such free tools to reach wider audience.

  • global-audience

    Global Audience

    ShortStoryLovers has a worldwide subscription. Your stories will have maximum outreach through us; build your reputation as a writer across the globe.

  • editor-feedback

    Editor’s Feedback

    Each story is reviewed by a team of dedicated editors and if sent back for re-work, it is accompanied by a detailed feedback.

  • blog


    We have an active blog which is updated regularly with articles and tips to help our authors improve their skills. Check out our blog here.

  • Collaborate


    We have more than 5000 active Authors with us who love to share their reviews and interact with other authors. We have provided easy tools for communicating with other authors as well as readers.



We have 10 years of experience in publishing. You are in good hands. ShortStoryLovers is like Netflix for Short Stories. We started in 2012 as an open source platform for sharing short stories by authors from around the globe. In January 2018, we transformed this model into a subscription-based model wherein we started paying the royalty to our Authors


Our unique and transparent PCA tool will not miss even a single page click on your story. This tool helps us calculate the royalty awarded to our authors.



We have developed a unique and transparent mechanism to calculate royalty shared with our authors. Simply put, we divide your story in pages, just like a book. Through PCA we record the number of unique views your story has received.

For example: If one of your stories is divided into 4 pages and the other into 10 and a reader reads both the stories completely, royalty earned on the 10-page story will be higher than the 4-page story. But if reader reads just 2 pages of the 10-page story and leave the story then royalty earned will be less than for the fully read 4-page story.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Is there a fee for joining ShortStoryLovers?

    No, absolutely no fee for becoming an author. In fact, we pay royalties to our authors.

  • Then what exactly is the $24/year subscription fee?

    The subscription fee is for readers, which gives them unlimited access to our stories database. Once you create an account, the first month is completely free, post that we charge a nominal yearly subscription fee of $24. It will give you access to all the stories on the website. Note: Authors also need to buy subscription to read stories of other members.

  • How can I submit my story?

    Just click on the ‘Submit my Story’ on the top right corner, you will be asked to create an account if you have not created one earlier. Start writing using the online content submission tool or just copy paste the story on to the content writing area. It will be saved as a draft until you are ready to submit it. Once you are done, just click on publish. It will be submitted for evaluation. Your story would either be published or rejected or sent back to you for re-work. For publishing guidelines: