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Alex still wary of love wants to be done with Lana after a brief affair. But there is something about her that is drawing him to her. Will he forget his past and give Lana a chance or run away from it?

Ah!, it's here finally, we are in 2012. Long-awaited pivotal year, much feared (as mocked too !!), from the famous movie- paranoid disaster, based on a Mayan prophecy, 'bout this supposed fateful date of December 21. Personally, I do not believe this …

She waited in her balcony, trying to be discreet. She had earphones plugged in her ears with her favourite playlist of love songs.

Shahid's life changed when he found the love of his life, Nandita. He loved her more than anything and for a long time it seemed as if she loved him back too, but when Shahid finds out that she did not want to be with him, he decides to take a drastic step.

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