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Adventure & Action is a genre which involve danger, risk, and excitement or simply put stories covering difficult quests, voyages of discovery, and world travel. And these stories are fast-paced.

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Ruhi believes that the ocean has many stories to tell, and each wave brings a new story to her. They speak to you if you are ready to listen. Ruhi is so attuned to the music of the waves that she can also sense when something is about to go wrong. And one day this saves her life.

Another one of Ruskin Bond's endearing ghost tales. Our narrator wakes up to a mysterious tapping on his window. And then it begins.

Manuel is old. He finds a book that inspires him to return to the sea one more time. Will he fulfil his desire to emulate Santiago?

A film director, an actor and a semi-functional time machine, what will this trio lead to? Confusion, chaos or a fantastic performance, read more to uncover the tale.

This is the story of a man who lives life on his own terms. Read it for a glimpse into a rowdy lifestyle at its glorious best.

Sir Grummore Grummerson, the last living knight of the legendary Arthur's Round Table, is travelling the countryside with his grandson in a large covered wagon, telling tales of derring-do when he once lived as a dragon slayer...and then they come across Meliguant, the last of the dragons.

In “One Christmas Eve,” the white characters of the story don’t commit any crimes; they don’t show any egregious hate beyond the norm of their 1930s American society. And yet their actions limit the Christmas cheer for the story’s black characters. Hughes makes this point abundantly clear throughout the story by describing the scenes with positive adjectives. The tree is “lovely;” the snow is “pretty;” the children look “happy.” These descriptions contrast directly with the way in which Arcie’s point of view is related. She is stressed, angry, embittered, and world-weary. Nights like this, we are made to see, will soon do the same to young Joe as well. It is a sad, but important, side of Christmas in the 1930s. And that’s quite a trick on Hughes’s part.

Two girls must save the failing space habitat their parents built. Orphaned and alone in a remote corner of interplanetary space, can they master the complex science and ecological engineering that their parents struggled with? Everything is on the line in this emotional hard science fiction story.

Langston Hughes was an important and prolific writer during the Harlem Renaissance of the early 20th century. He wrote about African-American life and experience. Thank You Ma'am is about what happens when a teenage boy and an older working woman collide on a Harlem street. The story begins with an encounter between Roger, a teenage boy, and Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones, an older woman walking home from work late one night. He attempts to steal her purse, but because it is so heavy, and Mrs. Jones is quite stout, he merely ends up breaking the strap instead. She kicks him and grabs him by the shirt, asking if he feels ashamed of himself. Please continue the reading....

Relevant Stories

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