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Hardly are the things as they ever seem.

Their bags are full of sweets, now it is time to go back home...safely!

Reggie has been struggling to find the will to live, burning his lungs with cigarettes and drowning himself in alcohol. As he moves from one vice to another, it is as if he is playing a game. But his wife, Nellie plans to be with him no matter what happens, guiding him through this dark time.

Everyone must face the consequences of their actions, all stand equal in the balance of justice.

What happens when dreams are mixed with reality?

A young soldier tries to defend his city. his love,his life, his duties. What is it that he chooses?

A story about an old woman, her chimney, her dead husband and her cat

This story is based on the age old “Sati Pratha”, where a woman is bound to die after her husband’s death.

"The death ward always had a stench of mucus, pee and shit, barely covered by the pungent smell of antiseptics, but only that day I knew. That day, I was cursed." Part of growing up is finding the purpose of our life despite the ordeals it throws at us. This is a short, introspective story about a teenager who tries to understand the meaning of life and of death after witnessing a tragic event.

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