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Love, affection, relationship, affair, emotions, feelings have been some of the most prominent themes since people started writing stories. And remember romance story is not just about a man and a woman.

Relevent Stories

Avanti and Dev are very close friends in spite of their very different dreams.

Sarah felt alone in this world, particularly after her grandmother's death. It seemed that life was going to be like that for Sarah until she met Richard. Those two lonely souls found love in each others' arms. But then something changed Sarah's life forever.

This story is about Jacob and his complicated life. He is an introvert with unstable relationships and recurring nightmares. Until one day, he meets a man and develops a strange bond with him. Little did he know that this person might be the answer to his dreams.

Pisces got separated from her childhood best friend 8 years ago. She was devastated knowing she might never see him again. However, one day at work, a man with a book might change her life forever.

Words are powerful things and in the age of social media, no one thinks twice before posting anything. And sometimes relationships destroyed because of one person's carelessness.

What happens to love when a person is blinded by his ambitions? What happens when goals and love collide? What happens when you try to run behind the pearls spread on the beautiful seabed while leaving a hand unattended? It's the story of Anay, his walk on his favorite beach, and the journey of his heart on the horizon of the past and present!

A man travels offshore for a new teaching adventure and a bit of wealth. In the end he found the love of his life, and far more than he could have ever bargained for.

A romantic evening, candle-light dinner, and a surprise.

She hoped for a future with him, but he did not seem to care for her at all.

Relevant Stories

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