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That Durga Saptami, praying silently to the Goddess, I asked for the courage to be able to slay the Mahishasura of my life, if provoked.

Every person gets a lot of choices in his life. Only he can build his future. Taking the correct decision at the correct time is what a person should learn. "Choice" is one such story trying to lead a person to the right path.

Two girls must save the failing space habitat their parents built. Orphaned and alone in a remote corner of interplanetary space, can they master the complex science and ecological engineering that their parents struggled with? Everything is on the line in this emotional hard science fiction story.

The life of an elderly spinster is depicted in this story. Lonely old Miss Mackenzie occupies herself by gardening every day. It’s when she meets Anil, a little Indian boy, that they bond through their love for botany. As Anil leaves for his vacation back home, loneliness creeps back into Miss Mackenzie’s house and as the winter wind blows, it puts her at rest.

Everyone deserves a special gift on their birthdays. On his dad's birthday, he decided to write a letter. Something, which he should have written earlier.

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