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That Durga Saptami, praying silently to the Goddess, I asked for the courage to be able to slay the Mahishasura of my life, if provoked.

This is the story about the hunter, Isog, a young man living in an unknown time and place. He has been living with four voices in his head. These voices raised him to survive in the cruel dying world he was living in. He tried to figure out who he was as he seemed to be living in two different worlds to an extent that he couldn’t find which one was real.

Every person gets a lot of choices in his life. Only he can build his future. Taking the correct decision at the correct time is what a person should learn. "Choice" is one such story trying to lead a person to the right path.

A young soldier tries to defend his city. his love,his life, his duties. What is it that he chooses?

Fake crusader is a story of a girl who gives her life fighting for her self-esteem. It describes two different personalities with the same background, continue reading to find out how this leads her to the peak point.

A child's account of a day in her kindergarten, with the hindsight of adulthood.

This story is true to life,based on real experiences in school.This life has never been easy and it requires great hope,trust and courage to surpass the challenges. Sometimes talking could lead to solving of many problems and it is better than sitting and suffering alone.

This story is based on the age old “Sati Pratha”, where a woman is bound to die after her husband’s death.

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