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Hardly are the things as they ever seem.

Lara was shocked to discover a decade old mystery that turned her life upside down.

Captain Lagot is sent to an isolated military outpost to investigate missing girls and when he and his companions arrive, they encountered something horrifying. 

Story 3: "They Must Play" Some people are so strange. It isn't enough that her neighbor has a group of small decorative pig statues in her front yard, but putting up a playset and staging them around it is a little much. With all she had going wrong in her life, it was easy for Julie to forget the old adage about judging others before walking in their shoes. She gets a painful reminder when she discovers that those pigs weren't just staged that way. They need to be kept busy or they'll make their own brand of bloody fun.

Story 5: "Voices" It was Mark's first time. He'd thought about it a lot and planned it out meticulously. He knew exactly how and where he would do it, but he didn't know who, until he saw her. It was the perfect murder. The only two people aware of the crime were the killer and the victim, and the victim can't talk...right? Now her voice is in his head, taunting him. Mark fears that he may be losing his mind, but this feels like something more.

Story 1: "The Stadium" Football Friday night in Coal Ridge is about more than a game, it's the community gathering to support the school, the kids, and one another. While Cynthia Ramsey and her husband Mike sit in the stands cheering on their son, a shadow of the town's past hovers nearby, waiting for the moment to strike. A typically pleasant October evening, was about to devolve into a waking nightmare, with their only way out hidden in a childhood event that even those who experienced deny.

Story 2: "Reflections" Being forced to endure a part-time job in Wooddale Park for something that was barely her fault, Sandy is trapped between her mother's lectures and the responsibilities of watching over the kids on the playground. As her friends go on with their social lives, she leads a group of children to see the froggies at Miller's Pond and ends up in a horror filled, waking nightmare. Something in the pond hungers for the kids and it's up to the teenager to keep them safe.

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