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Rutu worships his dad, and wants to be exactly like him. But one day he realizes that his dad is not the hero that he had always thought him to be.

Winter that year left devastating blizzards, as frozen bodies crowded the village. Yet one day Connors discovers a mysterious entity among the whirling snows; the Snow Lady.

Satan is having a bad night, as he is stuck in the rain and his car breaks down. What will the Prince of Darkness do now?

Trees don’t look after themselves, somebody else does.

Pisces got separated from her childhood best friend eight years ago. She was devastated knowing she might never see him again. However, one day at work, a man with a book might change her life forever.

She hoped for a future with him, but he did not seem to care for her at all.

Story 1: "The Stadium" Football Friday night in Coal Ridge is about more than a game, it's the community gathering to support the school, the kids, and one another. While Cynthia Ramsey and her husband Mike sit in the stands cheering on their son, a shadow of the town's past hovers nearby, waiting for the moment to strike. A typically pleasant October evening, was about to devolve into a waking nightmare, with their only way out hidden in a childhood event that even those who experienced deny.

The story is a hyperbolized child’s perspective of what it is like to fall down a waterslide. However, I have written this story to demonstrate what it is like for a child to lose his or her innocence, reflecting the violence that children see on digital screens almost every day, leading to their metaphorical fall. As the young girl goes down the slide, she expects her journey to end like any other water slide would: swiftly within the clear, cool, and refreshing water. Instead, she is met with a terrifying and sudden fall into a dark and ominous substance. The metaphor for life's expectations, the continuation of the slide, which has broken off, "l[ies] slumped and floating eerily, steadily shifting upward and then filling like a vacutainer as it s[inks]."

Goodbyes are never easy. This is the story of a hard goodbye for a younger sister.

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