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Rutu worships his dad, and wants to be exactly like him. But one day he realizes that his dad is not the hero that he had always thought him to be.

Christmas had always been special for Kathy, but when one tragic incident makes her hate Christmas more than anything.

Every little boy's first hero is his father. This is the story of a boy who has grown into an adult, but still remembers his father as the hero he was for him, when he was little.

The family farm has always had a special meaning for Bob, but with the death of his father, he is forced to face the realities and needs of today.

Everyone deserves a special gift on their birthdays. On his dad's birthday, he decided to write a letter. Something, which he should have written earlier.

This story is true to life,based on real experiences in school.This life has never been easy and it requires great hope,trust and courage to surpass the challenges. Sometimes talking could lead to solving of many problems and it is better than sitting and suffering alone.

Krish and Gowri have been kicked out of their home by their son and his wife. They have no home, no money, and no resources as they wander around the city with heavy hearts. Krish no longer wants to live, but something unexpected happens, which gives him a new lease of life.

Relevant Stories

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