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A film director, an actor and a semi-functional time machine, what will this trio lead to? Confusion, chaos or a fantastic performance, read more to uncover the tale.

Story 4: "The Cage" Something hunts the people of Coal Ridge. Hank has spent decades fighting it, but with his time running out, he needs to find a way to stop it. Bruce was a lifelong screw-up until he met Hank, who knew that finding a purpose in life would make things worse. Faced with an undefeatable evil, Hank and Bruce decide that the only way to protect their friends and neighbors is to trap it, but in doing so they will trap themselves. One in death and the other with a lifelong responsibility he doesn't want because something that can be trapped can also be released. 

Story 3: "They Must Play" Some people are so strange. It isn't enough that her neighbor has a group of small decorative pig statues in her front yard, but putting up a playset and staging them around it is a little much. With all she had going wrong in her life, it was easy for Julie to forget the old adage about judging others before walking in their shoes. She gets a painful reminder when she discovers that those pigs weren't just staged that way. They need to be kept busy or they'll make their own brand of bloody fun.

Story 2: "Reflections" Being forced to endure a part-time job in Wooddale Park for something that was barely her fault, Sandy is trapped between her mother's lectures and the responsibilities of watching over the kids on the playground. As her friends go on with their social lives, she leads a group of children to see the froggies at Miller's Pond and ends up in a horror filled, waking nightmare. Something in the pond hungers for the kids and it's up to the teenager to keep them safe.

An incident in my childhood that changed my perspective of life and turned me into a totally new person. how it brought me closer to words and made me fall in love with them.

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