Do you love me?

Romance | Feb 22, 2012 | 2 min read
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Do you love me?

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Apr 11, 2012

How is it the boy has a condition were he cannot speak but yet is capable of calling her the phone?????

Feb 27, 2012

Very well done... :)

duskbrood Feb 25, 2012

Ok, this is a good start. A short little thing like this is how all good stories get going. That said, the reader needs a lot more if they're going to feel invested in this couple. Just a few suggestions: - Expound a lot more on their relationship before

Feb 24, 2012

Hey that's a good one story; i think u ended it up very quickly, could have elaborated it little more, would have been a much better story line, also what i couldn't get as why u categorized it an inspirational one. please give me a reason, may be i am n

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