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This is the story about the hunter, Isog, a young man living in an unknown time and place. He has been living with four voices in his head. These voices raised him to survive in the cruel dying world he was living in. He tried to figure out who he was as he seemed to be living in two different worlds to an extent that he couldn’t find which one was real.

Fake crusader is a story of a girl who gives her life fighting for her self-esteem. It describes two different personalities with the same background, continue reading to find out how this leads her to the peak point.

A depressed widower tries to take his life. Life took its toll on him, but could he really end all of this so easily?

This story came in second in a writing contest. The topic of the contest was: It was supposed to be the summer job of a lifetime, working as a chef at an upscale “summer camp” for adults. But, the air conditioner was broken again. After closing, the stale outdoor air brought little relief. The path to the cabins housing seasonal employees was dark but short. She stopped in her tracks when she came across one of the windows. With her pupils dilating, she couldn’t look away…

Shahid's life changed when he found the love of his life, Nandita. He loved her more than anything and for a long time it seemed as if she loved him back too, but when Shahid finds out that she did not want to be with him, he decides to take a drastic step.

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