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Reggie has been struggling to find the will to live, burning his lungs with cigarettes and drowning himself in alcohol. As he moves from one vice to another, it is as if he is playing a game. But his wife, Nellie plans to be with him no matter what happens, guiding him through this dark time.

A mother and daughter barely get by with the little that they have. They not only have to battle the world to survive, but also their own cravings. Trapped in a vicious circle of giving in and promising that this time will be the last time, they seem to find no escape.

Every person gets a lot of choices in his life. Only he can build his future. Taking the correct decision at the correct time is what a person should learn. "Choice" is one such story trying to lead a person to the right path.

Twins, jealousy and a single throne. What will it lead to? Betrayal or support?

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