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This story is about Jacob and his complicated life. He is an introvert with unstable relationships and recurring nightmares. Until one day, he meets a man and develops a strange bond with him. Little did he know that this person might be the answer to his dreams.

Their bags are full of sweets, now it is time to go back home...safely!

Story 1: "The Stadium" Football Friday night in Coal Ridge is about more than a game, it's the community gathering to support the school, the kids, and one another. While Cynthia Ramsey and her husband Mike sit in the stands cheering on their son, a shadow of the town's past hovers nearby, waiting for the moment to strike. A typically pleasant October evening, was about to devolve into a waking nightmare, with their only way out hidden in a childhood event that even those who experienced deny.

Does a dead clock frighten you? Let 6:00 AM transport you into a brief episode of Shiva's life as he discovers an unsettling truth.

Story 2: "Reflections" Being forced to endure a part-time job in Wooddale Park for something that was barely her fault, Sandy is trapped between her mother's lectures and the responsibilities of watching over the kids on the playground. As her friends go on with their social lives, she leads a group of children to see the froggies at Miller's Pond and ends up in a horror filled, waking nightmare. Something in the pond hungers for the kids and it's up to the teenager to keep them safe.

A stormy night, an accident and a woman covered in blood asking for help. Is she the victim or a thug?

The warming spring air casted a safe coating to Cambrie’s arms, as she awaited her brother’s presence. His class was always the last to be dismissed after the bell rang. Cambrie waited in annoyance, as she observed mothers, fathers, and siblings greeting each other. Arms growing tired, Cambrie set down her pre-algebra textbook and a copy of A Wrinkle in Time on the floor of the 5th grade wing

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