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  • uthaker May 31st2012
    The Blundering Baker

    geedda Jan 16th2018

    3Votes, average: 4 out 5
    Others | 2 Comments

    George, I like your smooth flowing style of tale telling. I enjoyed your story! UThaker

  • uthaker May 15th2012
    Shit ! I fell in love again(and again & again..& again)

    Surabhi.Chatterjee Jan 16th2018

    9Votes, average: 3 out 5
    Others | 1 Comments

    Hello Surabhi, I liked your story! - Opening was good - Liked the end with a honest words of wisdom - Character seems real - Your tale telling flows well! If you want to make it a fictionalized short story (over 5,000 words), I recommend conside

  • uthaker Apr 24th2012
    Kirby Bob Understands Heaven

    Jan 16th2018

    3Votes, average: 4 out 5
    Fiction | 4 Comments

    What a beautiful poetry in form of a prose! I lived a five year old and felt a mother of five year old. You are a story teller!

  • uthaker Apr 22nd2012
    My Not-So-Big Break

    unstoppable Jan 15th2018

    6Votes, average: 3 out 5
    Comedy | 1 Comments

    I absolutely love your writing style and as I have said before you are unstoppable in your humour:) - Utpal

  • uthaker Apr 10th2012
    Sunday Roast

    unstoppable Jan 22nd2018

    8Votes, average: 4 out 5
    Comedy | 8 Comments

    Your story is crisp, characters are real and above all you are unstoppable with your wit. You are a natural storyteller and humour is your strength. -UThaker