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  • jenhauff Sep 14th2012
    Sunday Roast

    unstoppable Jan 22nd2018

    8Votes, average: 4 out 5
    Comedy | 8 Comments

    I love it! Your description of the characters - even the kleptomaniac main character was aptly described. Awesome!

  • jenhauff Sep 11th2012
    Insomnia At Its Best

    jenhauff Jan 16th2018

    6Votes, average: 4 out 5
    Drama | 4 Comments

    Thank you all so much...I'm not used to baring my soul, but I'm glad I did. :D

  • jenhauff Sep 8th2012
    The day I knew it was her

    Eric Swinson Jan 16th2018

    3Votes, average: 4 out 5
    Romance | 6 Comments

    Very beautiful and poignant! I loved it very much! :)