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  • Rashmi Agrawal Feb 7th2018

    shainur ullah Jan 24th2018

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    Drama | 0 Comments

    haha, this was really interesting and and had a humorous take on Holocaust. I also wrote a story based on Holocaust. https://sweek.com/story/AgEDBAEHZgABBwgJAwACAwtsCAA= https://sweek.com/story/AgEDBAEHZgABBwgJAwACAwtsCAA=

  • Rashmi Agrawal Feb 7th2018
    The Black Hole

    eddywalker Jan 16th2018

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    Tragedy | 5 Comments

    Eddywalker, this is a beautifully written story and the analogy of bulb and his life is good.

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