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Principal Process Designer with WorleyParsons Muscat hailing from Attoor in Thrissur District of Kerala working in Gulf after few years of work in Bangalore. A social worker with interests in drama, music, writing & movies. Intested in travelling and writing in various websites like Quora, Trip Advisor & Linkedin. Published few travel stories true stories. .


  • Rajan V Kokkuri Jan 17th2019
    Unfulfilled Desire

    anki Dec 13th2018

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  • Rajan V Kokkuri Jan 17th2019
    The Best Ending

    Garima Joshi Aug 18th2018

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    Romance | 0 Comments

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  • Rajan V Kokkuri Jan 14th2019
    When the Trees Walked

    Ruskin Bond Sep 18th2018

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    Fiction | 0 Comments

    I liked it. All of us get refreshed with nostalgic memories of our loved ones. It is a great feeling.

Rajan V Kokkuri