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  • May 4th2016
    Cold Hand Luke

    geedda Jan 15th2018

    2Votes, average: 5 out 5
    Comedy | 2 Comments

    Oh Oh...lol I love satire. This is a good story in that light.

  • May 4th2016
    Please Don't Murder Me

    illustrated18 Jan 16th2018

    7Votes, average: 4 out 5
    Drama | 4 Comments

    Nice tension. I was hoping for a better ending, and I think it müst have happened. It's hard for me to read a story aboüt mürder. By better ending, I don't mean yoür ending wasn't satisfying. It was.

  • Aug 23rd2012
    One White Rose

    Sherry Jan 16th2018

    7Votes, average: 4 out 5
    Others | 3 Comments

    The writing is beautiful, but I didn't see any dramatic tension.

  • Aug 23rd2012
    Under The Mahogany Tree

    Dandreb James Jan 16th2018

    5Votes, average: 4 out 5
    Romance | 5 Comments

    Nice story. It held my attention. It had the right amount of tension. There was a problem with the POV in which the story was told. It happened in the past, but when you say something will happen, it's like the action is going to happen in the future.

  • Aug 23rd2012
    A Little Girl, and Her Grandpa's Horse...Sugar.

    Jan 22nd2018

    9Votes, average: 4 out 5
    Children | 8 Comments

    Nice story.

  • Apr 24th2012
    Kirby Bob Understands Heaven

    Jan 16th2018

    3Votes, average: 4 out 5
    Fiction | 4 Comments

    I hope it;s okay to say thank you.