THE GRAMMAR NAZI's (a very very short story)

Inspirational | 24th Jan 2018|2 min read

shainur ullah

Higgler`s grammar Nazis have taken over most of Europe and people who have difficulties with grammar or anyone who is dyslectic, or doesn`t have the right accent have to be taken to the grammatation camps for severe gruelling work and gassing. They have to wear a special sticker so people will recognise them as an incorrect grammar person. Shops have been smashed and businesses have been burnt by the grammar Nazis as they are seen as not equal and in the grammar Nazi world, the pure race is someone who was born with perfect grammar and a perfect accent with it, anyone who was born with learning difficulties or that affects their grammar is unequal and inferior. Any one born a mute has to be killed as they cannot speak good grammar, anyone who learns a different way has to be killed, they have to learn by sitting and just reading in the grammar Nazi world.





  • Rashmi Agrawal

    7th Feb

    haha, this was really interesting and and had a humorous take on Holocaust. I also wrote a story based on Holocaust.

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