Black Day!

Priyanka 24th Jan 2018

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Inspirational| 6 min read
Zed black was the colour of the room and the only sound that could be heard was of insects in the dark. With no light, electricity and food; Silence spread all around which made Rohan go even duller. Woken up in the middle of the night, Rohan felt as if someone was trying to dab him with a knife, but the only thing that he could make out was a flashy moment with no-one in the room apart from him and his little cat, Ginny. He stood up, went to check the door, but still found himself locked from outside. Left with no option, Rohan came back to the bed and lay down. Watching the ceiling with no fan, he fell asleep gradually. He was getting the same weird feeling from the last 2-3 days but never found someone there with him in the dark empty room, until that day which changed his life. Rohan was a 14 year old boy with a round body.