Only if I could speak

Mintu Ghoshal 24th Jan 2018

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Inspirational| 4 min read
I am a Computer Software and these are my unspoken words. Unlike you, a human species which is thought to be the creation of God, I am your creation. Being my creator you gave me a name but that name only reflected how you wanted to use me and not what I really liked myself to be called. You felt it is enough to name me something like `FileCopy`, `AccountValidation`, `AntiVirus`, `FileZip` &c. Imagine you were just born and your father, after watching your face minutely by holding your two tiny legs and hanging you upside down, bringing your tiny little face very close to his, became so exuberant that he wanted you to be a fishmonger or a janitor when you grow up. So instead of giving you a nice name like `Pallab` or `Robert` he started calling you by `Fishmonger` or `Janitor`.