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  • jls685 Jun 28th2012
    Prologue of my novel

    ninadsapre Jan 16th2018

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    Romance | 2 Comments

    I'm sorry that I have to leave a negative reply but I don't think you should be writing in English (if it is indeed your second language, which it seems to be) if you do not yet understand that "I" has to be capitalized and how to use past, present, and f

  • jls685 Apr 16th2012
    Tom Grilligan

    jls685 Jan 16th2018

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    Fiction | 4 Comments

    Please comment and vote all criticism will be greatly appreciated. -Josiah Sellstrom

  • jls685 Apr 13th2012

    TheScribbler Jan 16th2018

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    Tragedy | 6 Comments

    A great story, sorry but I cannot offer very much constructive criticism seeing as you are a much better writer than I am. So I'll just write compliments. I liked the way you described the scenery, the amount of excruciating detail you put into describing

  • jls685 Apr 13th2012
    Dane's Steer

    loril Mar 28th2012

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    Inspirational | 7 Comments

    Hey great story Mrs. Leavitt, it actually made me tear up a little bit this time. I think you have whittled it down to the point where it is just right. If it can emotionally effect me then it must be something powerful indeed aye?