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Tom is about to have the last meal of his life. Read on to find out what led to this.

Higgler’s grammar Nazis have taken over most of Europe and people who have difficulties with grammar or anyone who is dyslexic, or doesn’t have the right accent have to be taken to the grammatation camps for severe grueling work and gassing. What else will happen!??

Every little boy's first hero is his father. This is the story of a boy who has grown into an adult, but still remembers his father as the hero he was for him, when he was little.

Story 4: "The Cage" Something hunts the people of Coal Ridge. Hank has spent decades fighting it, but with his time running out, he needs to find a way to stop it. Bruce was a lifelong screw-up until he met Hank, who knew that finding a purpose in life would make things worse. Faced with an undefeatable evil, Hank and Bruce decide that the only way to protect their friends and neighbors is to trap it, but in doing so they will trap themselves. One in death and the other with a lifelong responsibility he doesn't want because something that can be trapped can also be released. 

Krish and Gowri have been kicked out of their home by their son and his wife. They have no home, no money, and no resources as they wander around the city with heavy hearts. Krish no longer wants to live, but something unexpected happens, which gives him a new lease of life.

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