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Are you a jealous woman? Do you envy others' happiness? Do you think you aren't happy? Then this story is for you.

Painting is an inspirational story presenting the relation between two strangers with a huge age difference and explains that sometimes even kids could teach us a lot.

Beautiful Celia Denton yearns for a glamorous life and the affection of men she knows she can never have. George wishes for a life other than the drudge that his has become.

Everyone must face the consequences of their actions, all stand equal in the balance of justice.

Things are not always as they appear. It all depends on one’s perception.

A young soldier tries to defend his city. his love,his life, his duties. What is it that he chooses?

Shahid's life changed when he found the love of his life, Nandita. He loved her more than anything and for a long time it seemed as if she loved him back too, but when Shahid finds out that she did not want to be with him, he decides to take a drastic step.

Relevant Stories

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