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This is the story of a man who lives life on his own terms. Read it for a glimpse into a rowdy lifestyle at its glorious best.

When the trees walked and other stories by Ruskin Bond

A little boy craving for sweets in The Wild Fruit.

With the help of his grandchildren, the author struggles to save his books during a fierce storm.

An adulterous affair between Dmitri Dmitritch Gurov, an unhappily married Moscow banker, and Anna Sergeyevna Von Diderits, a young married woman, an affair which begins while both are vacationing alone in the Crimean sea resort of Yalta.

Another peek into what it means to live on the rowdy side of life. Such lifestyles are fading away as individual liberty melts in the heat of new age authoritarianism.

The setting for the entire story is the drawing room of Olga Ivanovna Irnina, a woman who is estranged from her husband and is currently involved with Nikolay Ilyich Belyaev. The story opens with a brief description of Belyaev: He is a “well-fed,” “pink young man of about thirty-two” years of age. He has three principal activities in life: He is a “St. Petersburg landlord,” he is “very fond of the race-course,” and he has a “liaison” with Olga.

The life of a woman who is referred to by others as "darling".

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