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Satan is having a bad night, as he is stuck in the rain and his car breaks down. What will the Prince of Darkness do now?

Fake crusader is a story of a girl who gives her life fighting for her self-esteem. It describes two different personalities with the same background, continue reading to find out how this leads her to the peak point.

Story 4: "The Cage" Something hunts the people of Coal Ridge. Hank has spent decades fighting it, but with his time running out, he needs to find a way to stop it. Bruce was a lifelong screw-up until he met Hank, who knew that finding a purpose in life would make things worse. Faced with an undefeatable evil, Hank and Bruce decide that the only way to protect their friends and neighbors is to trap it, but in doing so they will trap themselves. One in death and the other with a lifelong responsibility he doesn't want because something that can be trapped can also be released. 

Story 1: "The Stadium" Football Friday night in Coal Ridge is about more than a game, it's the community gathering to support the school, the kids, and one another. While Cynthia Ramsey and her husband Mike sit in the stands cheering on their son, a shadow of the town's past hovers nearby, waiting for the moment to strike. A typically pleasant October evening, was about to devolve into a waking nightmare, with their only way out hidden in a childhood event that even those who experienced deny.

This is the story of Kronos, an organic supercomputer with artificial intelligence born eons ago. The author writes a new myth of the origin of all the evil in the world, and it all leads back to Kronos.

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