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  • Barry.Murphy Oct 18th2013
    Day Trippers

    Barry.Murphy Jan 16th2018

    4Votes, average: 5 out 5
    Adventure | 3 Comments

    Thanks Ekta glad you liked it.

  • Barry.Murphy Apr 30th2013
    The Mark

    Petah Jan 16th2018

    6Votes, average: 5 out 5
    Romance | 4 Comments

    Wow. Someone once said in a good story the hero has to die. Excellent loved it

  • Barry.Murphy Jan 23rd2013
    Tokyo Nuclear accident 13

    makeanovel Jan 16th2018

    3Votes, average: 4 out 5
    Romance | 9 Comments

    Can't wait to see hoe this ends

  • Barry.Murphy Jan 17th2013
    My Darling Clementine

    Louise Jan 16th2018

    4Votes, average: 5 out 5
    Mystery | 1 Comments

    Like it great little story.

  • Barry.Murphy Dec 4th2012
    Minoko, The Courier

    rmmaltbie Jan 22nd2018

    3Votes, average: 4 out 5
    Fiction | 2 Comments

    Not a very religious person but I really liked this.

  • Barry.Murphy Nov 23rd2012
    Reflection of a Rose

    Barry.Murphy Jan 16th2018

    5Votes, average: 4 out 5
    Tragedy | 2 Comments

    Thanks again for putting this up. it's only my second story i have written. Glad you like it Soumesh. I wasn't sure how to finish it.