Wings of freedom

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August 9th 2012  |  3  |  Category: Fiction , Moral , Other , Romantic Love , Satire  |  Author: Balaji  |  796 views

‘Karthik, I need to meet you today’, said Tulasi.
‘Sure Tulasi, I have been asking it for three weeks, but you didn’t find time for me’, I affectionately
‘For sure, we shall meet today’, she said and disconnected the call. There was urgency in her words.
I kept aside the mobile and started to get ready. When I was about to leave, rain started to shower.
‘Karthik, Don’t drive in this rain’, my mother shouted, but she knew I was not going to listen. I was given
the freedom that I always enjoyed.
I started the car. I drove cautiously as not to let my car into large pits; Also, I slowed down the car after
seeing the familiar lady who was waving hand at me. She was once our tenant.
‘Karthik, Could you do me a favor? My Children wanted to watch a movie; their father initially had
planned to come and take the children, but since it is raining, he is held up in the traffic’
‘So where is he now’, I impatiently asked.
‘He will reach the abhirami theatre by 5.45’.
I reluctantly accepted the offer; the children got inside the car.
The children were very enthusiastic and the happiness was evident in their faces. I continued to drive
amidst heavy rain and their happy reactions.
In a few miles, we too were held up in the traffic and we then waited for fifteen minutes. It seemed that
I wouldn’t be able to drop them off in the theatre at the correct time – even I take the alternate route.
‘Do you guys have your father’s number?’
I called his father and informed him. Then, I called Tulasi and she was more disappointed and dejected
than children were.
For them, watching a movie was like attending a festival. It might happen once in a year or even less.
And to accommodate the three children, the mother had to sacrifice her ticket to satisfy the monthly
economic equation. I started to realize the inner stories behind. I didn’t like to disappoint the children.
‘Guys, will that be okay if we reach half an hour late’
‘Yes’, children shouted collectively.
‘For which movie you people have planned’.
‘Dad planned for Tamil movie – saguni ‘‘What about you guys’, I firmly asked.
Spiderman….; Madagascar ….’ The children started to express themselves. The conflict was the result
of their open expression.
I silently listened to their opinions and switched on my favorite Ilaiyaraja album to comfort myself.
‘Karthik uncle, what shall we do’, the eldest innocently asked.
‘Let us do one thing, we shall split up – I will accompany the youngest and you two go to Spiderman, and
I believe English movies will start their shows by seven. We could reach before that – Is that fine?’
The silence was their reply and they were hesitant to take a decision.
Fascinated by Spiderman and Madagascar, they agreed to my offer, and the happiness was brought
back to their faces. We reached the theatre and bought the respective tickets; I called up their father

and informed him. As I expected, he didn’t like it.
We all four had a wonderful time and then had a sumptuous dinner.
I dropped them off in their house.
‘Why you are troubling yourself, Karthik’, their father asked.
‘No problem, uncle, I had a great time with them’.
‘You guys have grown big, going independently and watching a movie, eh?’ the mother asked the
‘Don’t scold them; it is me who took the decision’.
Before I tried to give them a reply, my mobile phone rang. It was Tulasi.
‘Aren’t you serious in our relationship?’
‘One second, uncle’, I sought his permission to let myself to speak in private.
‘What happen, Tulasi?’
‘Today I called you for a purpose. My parents are looking for a guy, it looks like they will finalize with one
by next week’
‘But you said that will take time’.
‘Yes, even I too thought the same. But they are processing it quickly’, Tulasi whined.
‘Hey Tulasi, speak to them …and explain your wishes’, I reiterated what I used to say.‘No Karthik, they won’t understand, I don’t have the courage to speak to them. And, they won’t listen to
my words; for sure, they won’t let us marry’.
‘Do something, Tulasi’
‘There is one way to solve it …’
‘What…?’ I curiously asked.
‘Karthik, we have to elope … there is no other choice left for me, I came to this decision after a deep
contemplation … we have to leave today’
I didn’t know what to say, the discussion went on for an hour and finally I was defeated by her cry and
her words. Moreover, I didn’t want to miss her… I started my car and drove to my house.
‘Where were you, Karthik? I have prepared chicken curry for you, Come and have food’, the mother
‘I already had dinner’, I carelessly replied.
‘You could have told me’.
I went inside my room, took my clothes and stuffed them in the bag.
‘Mom, I am going to friend’s wedding today’.
‘Nowadays you are not telling me anything, Karthik; it looks like you have a separate life for yourself’,
the mother disappointedly said.
‘No mom, nothing like that, my friend invited me today and called for the wedding’
‘What kind of friend who invites you today for the tomorrow’s wedding’?
‘Mom, I am getting late, we will speak about that later, where is dad?’
‘He informed that he will be late’
‘Okay, mom, Inform him too. I will call you about my return’, I waved my hand and left.
I started my car and switched on my Ilaiyaraja album to heal my troubled mind. I knew I was not inclined
to her decision – in fact, I didn’t like it.
I remained silent not because that there was no one to speak, but because that I went on to a complete
The introspection went on for a few more miles. I halted my car and stepped outside to inhale a fresh
air, and also to puff a cigarette. After ten minutes of well-constructed thought, I stepped inside the car and maneuvered it back to my
I sent her a message, ‘Wait till tomorrow!’


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  1. Avatar of Ami Ami says:

    i read this story 2 times. its too good. i really enjoyed it

  2. Avatar of priyanka priyanka says:

    Interesting story… superlike.. :)

  3. Balaji says:

    @amitsaini, @priyanka.. thanks a lot..:)

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