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September 23rd 2014  |  0  |  Category: Inspirational , Moral , Satire , Thriller , Tragedy  |  Author: Titu  |  3721 views

The wolf, an army general was reading the morning newspaper in the war zone. Only, few days back elections were announced as war was nearing end and the election feverish had begun. The front page of paper had a grand picture of lion sitting in trillion dollars chopper containing a spoof saying, “Our Lion is a brave and great soul. He is also very hardworking animal, which flies its craft, and is also great philanthropist associated with many grand projects. It donates all its belongings to good cause and practices austerity. He is a soul for whom the welfare of all the animals in forest is supreme”.

Wolf was angry at this spoof and was sad as he saw very little coverage of jungle warriors, who were dying in skirmishes on border, but it still felt loyal to thorne. Wolf was courageous, brave and intelligent and knew who the lion’s God father was, who was supporting lion so heavily and so wolf secretly desired donkey to win the elections. The jungle newspaper was containing eulogies of lion for past few weeks, who was fighting next election and whole media was projecting hardworking donkey, who was opponent, as unruly and stupid. Wolf wondered that from where all the money was pumped in newspaper for such big campaigning. Only few days back he had asked for chopper to take stock of enemy’s positioning, and also asked money from high civil authorities for purchasing combat artilleries and his proposal was first deliberately delayed and stalled and then denied. General cursed Wright Bros and their father for giving birth to idea of flight, as he still remembered last week strike by unmanned enemy drones for which wolf had no answers. Wolf was extremely worried about air raids by enemy and also about enemies’ knowledge that his forces were having no air power. He knew if his forces needed advantage in war then it must at least create an impression in enemy’s mind that they carried sufficient air power.
In contrast, at the middle of jungle in its cave power hungry lion felt happy reading the lead stories in newspaper. The newspaper ran a story about enemy general, who happened to be lioness. The lion was bit saddened by fact that wolf was general of their army. The general thought that once he is elected as sovereign then he will directly command army. The lion was thrilled and thought why not go to war this time first and tame this lioness and then mumbled his favorite lines, “THE RULE OF JUNGLE IS SIMPLE, ONLY POWERFUL CAN RULE AND SURVIVE”.

In new democratic set up, any animal could fight elections to become ruler of jungle. The Lion was on grooming and speaking spree for last few months so that he could win trust and votes of animals. International Image and speaking consultant: peacock and crow were assisting Lion in all his wardrobe attire and behavioral moves. They were training him in picking up animal’s emotions, trust and intelligence and giving him training in producing right sound bites. Lion was slowly developing art of picking right words for his speech. He had developed huge bank of words for expressing varied emotions of happiness, anger, sadness, nostalgia, etc. He behaved more like actor than leader through its rhetorical triangle EPL: Ethos (Trust), Pathos (Emotion) and Logos (Intelligence).

Lion had also become diet conscious and was controlling his weight, so that he looks more appealing and agile to animals. The only place professional PR was not able to control was, ‘Once lion started speaking then he was difficult to stop.’ They had often advised lion, “Kindly say it with fewer words.” Lion was adamant and sometimes never listened to consultants, so the peacock and crow had to inform sponsors regarding lion’s obstinacy.
The lion was afraid of God father and always listened to it. So when this time God father rebuked lion, the lion submitted willingly and thought, “I must ask enemy lioness to unite and do something which can return the pride of our species.”

The avaricious Lion, with active support of his sponsors, was trying to build on traits of Leadership and authority, control and discipline, calm and collection, focus and direction. Now, the lion often held closed doors meetings with rich and powerful, while there were always open house discussions and meetings with poor and working class. Lion was openly supporting all good causes, while clandestinely promising good returns to rich. The image, public relations and speak consultants were helping Lion constantly highlight his best features and camouflage his unfavorable one. Now, lion used to speak about peace and prosperity with great enthusiasm. It was projected in media that lion was now drinking grass and fruits juices and had turned himself into vegetarian. This fact was first ridiculed at, but then successful campaigning turned out to change it into acceptance.

Now Lion missed his hunting as he ate most of his food at breakfast table with audience around. Cunning fox was secretly deputed for hunting to quench lion’s belly. Sometimes, big animals were captured through deception by fox, which was turning very good for lion’s health and taste. Initially, lion felt uncomfortable at this readymade fast food feeding but secret sponsors had shared a story how humans were eating at their homes without hunting for ages. The secret sponsors told about techniques of killing and packaging millions of birds and animals in big giant steel monsters by humans. Lion listened deeply and thought it was perhaps more excited and satisfied with learning to maneuver chopper and flying a drone that was recently included in campaigning. He was thrilled to concentrate and control the whirlybird in the it’s’ three dimensional atmosphere.

Jungle newspaper was read voraciously by animals for knowing latest on draught and war. The eagle was running newspaper as per wishes of sponsors, so all the leftovers from cave went to eagle. The eagle was also pro lion and wrote effective build up for successful campaigning. It recently wrote extensively on farmers’ plight and also interviewed lion on same issue. Lion answered extensively in his interview about failure of old techniques of subsistence farming and also answered questions like, why simple farming systems of crop rotation, seed saving, slash and burn were ineffective. He also talked about genetically modified food and many other advanced fields of farming. Lion was happy about its new found oratory.

In Reality, lion belonged to creed which had no direct dependence on farm food and also, it belonged to western arid land, which had all the stories filled with droughts, sands and scanty rains. There was almost no farming to speak of; still it successfully projected itself as messiah of farms and farmers. The lion knew little about farms and a lot more about raw power as it was master of naked power for centuries. It had killed and throughout life will kill the innocent and weak animals. It had now secret divine sponsors and donators, who had previously supported donkey and helped him win elections. Now lion was favorite among sponsors as it was master of power and deception. Lion had hunted wild animals and now it could woo and befool innocent animals by its oratory.

The sponsors thought, “As donkey was honest and pro poor, so it was necessary to abandon it. It was necessary to force donkey to get reluctant about fighting elections, but still we are afraid of big wise animals, who perhaps had assured donkey of all support and care. Also we know, if lion get appointed unopposed then lion could get more power hungry in future and can be threat, so elections were necessary.”
One fine morning in its royal cave the lion was going through his future appointments and addresses. He saw he had to address two important and big rallies of draught affected farmers and war stricken soldiers in few days time. He felt happy as former grew crops and later protected frontiers from neighboring beasts. Lion had broad smile as he thought that he knew the speech well. It thought that once he is successfully elevated to chair then he will have total control on jungle policy making and decisions. He is sure to change policies in his favour. The lion had a little grin when he remembered few lines on politics from a joke, “In democracies, while capitalism is screwing the working class and the governments enjoying its dinner and sound sleep, the poor animals are being ignored deliberately and the future is in deep pool.”

Now king lion had all resources at his command as sponsors were generous with their doles. Helipads were being constructed and free gifts were being given to animals before his public address. After one such gift distribution at farmers rally, the lion landed at rally in chopper piloted by falcon. All the animals were amazed by lion’s chopper and its buzzing sound. It was sign of power and royalty. Craft was perhaps sponsored by his secret sponsor’s. The chopper hovered, flew back and forth in sky before landing vertically at H signet, as lion wanted to see the herd that had arrived to watch and listen him. It was happy and thought about his newly stitched attire, which was absolutely amorous and, also harmonious with his goal, mission and attributes.

On arriving at venue, the lion went through his routine waving and thought how good it had been if somebody would have been hired for job. Lion was in Z plus security with 17 wolves protecting him and not letting anybody enter into security zone. Big animals had heard about lion’s newly acquired oratory skills and speech marathons. They also knew rich content and crystal clear ideas were provided by PR. To counter it they had secret resolution passed previous night, “No oral unaccountable PR speeches, but dedicated work with focus. Animals needed work at farms, coal mines, fields, hospitals, and construction sites and also on porous borders, where innocent soldiers are still dying.” These animals also had devised secret strategy to get lion deliver more in action and less in words.

The stage was set on big jungle rock and when lion was about to address animals, suddenly there was a thick dust storm and all the dust from nearby coal mine engulfed the venue. Clouds of dust were huge and dense. There was pandemonium and everybody was gasping for breath and was filled in dust. Animals were mad at organizers about such ill preparation at speech venue and lion could not hold its scripted speech and had lost his scripted speech in the windy thick dust. After sometime the storm was over and dust settled and all the animals looked around for sign of what had happened. But nobody had any clue except few wise animals.

Visibly relieved at the settlement of storm, lion was wondering what this storm was all about. He was more worried about his chopper than animals. Still it thought that the assembly needed an address to have some semblance, so chopper can be taken care by his team. Lion was very afraid of addressing this assembly without scripted speech, which he had lost in dust. Still lion’s aide came close to lion and spoke following words, “Stand tall, Talk conversationally, Watch the words, and speak words that sell, Keep it short and to the point.” Lion’s mind was fixed on following words ‘it usually takes more than 3 weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.’ The lion gathered confidence and went very limply to the stage and asked for water so that he could catch some ideas to speak. The lion initially was rusty and finally purred, “I am creature of action and always believed in action. I am known for action throughout the jungle. Action is supreme.”

The animals at back were happy as their ploy had succeeded in hijacking the chopper without lion’s knowledge. Their detailed ploy was succeeding with the help of Goddess of forest and they wanted action from this Lion now in fields.

Lion saw huge herd of animals were assembled to witness its presence. Seeing left he saw the herd of animals and thought how nice it would have been to pounce on that deer and devour it rather than giving a two hour speech. The PR professionals were worried about absence of chopper at helipad and felt the fate of chopper less lion. They wanted lion to act with strength and not to fall for its weaknesses, so they shouted, “The royal king of jungle is our true ruler.” The lion was amused and talked animatedly from some of the memorized excerpts from his speech, “I am worried about mega drought that surrounds us all. Severe dry spell has led to die-off of trees and its branches causing widespread damage all-round. The eco system and structure is changing and this all is due to humans, who happen to be most avaricious species on earth.” The lion continued, “I will not let this happen and you know we won’t let it happen together.” The speech was a remarkable success, but some animals knew that lion was traditionally always king and this all happened under his rule. So, lion was singly to be blamed for all this, as it selfishly hunted and slept since ages.

A voice shouted from back, “We want action, enough of flowery and fiery speeches.” Another voice roared from centre, “Speeches cannot end our woes and predicaments.” This was direct protest and booing from animals for which lion had never prepared. So far he knew only about hunting and oratory, so engaging in dialogue with mob was totally new to him. Before PR people could react, the lion said, “Ok, Action!” There was big applause and shouting and PR were worried.

The animals had already approved but ignored plan of massive plantation on the depleting river beds and banks. Now, Lion was supposed to lead a team of workers that he had just addressed. Lion agreed willingly and worked enthusiastically initially and then he found sudden fall in his energy as he had never planted the trees in jungles. It thought, “Why these poor animals need trees, grass and water.” The innocent animals were amused and enthused finding such a royal figure amongst them working. They were watching him from close quarters and found it amusing that a lion, who so far had so enthusiastically spoken about action, was failing in consistent and patient action. They were secretly assessing whether this lion, which had such a great image on stage actually had such frail character in reality. Lion was thinking of his impression while working, whereas animals were actually concerned about prosperity and happiness of all. Digging and tilling the banks of river was not easy under bare sun, still they were working as a team.

The lion started thinking that perhaps he was trapped in some kind of ploy or was it this action that it was required to do as new ruler king. He was perplexed and thought his consultants, mentors and god father never spoke of such thing. This was really the worst form of treatment given to any leader; still lion knew that he could not protest as he was closely eyed by big elephants and bisons.

He was reluctantly working, resting and speaking to fellow animals, but animals were still not finished with daunting task of making forest green. It was huge task and the way Lion was speaking now was actually worrying and concerning animals. It was showing a deep problem that plastic leaders were ignorant and were not aware of actual magnitude of problems of jungle. Elephant was wise and thought seeing lion working like idiot and blockheaded, “Now, at least you will not ramble and will spare us of your marathon gabble. I am happy to see lion shut it’s mouth. He must now know a lot about crouching, bending, lifting and pulling in soil with fellow animals. Lion will now also know why innocent animals in farms are so humble and welcoming. As the soul of soil knew only language of love and labor, so lion must be ashamed of his successful deception.” Elephant further thought, “Lion might be versed in cruel rule of jungle, but he was ignorant that the innocent soil had soul and always spoke gently with love and care to animals in jungle.”

Elephant was happy that public relations who so far happened at best promoting, manipulating, evading and deceiving will now know what happens when free flow of truth is unblocked. The art of deception had worked as planned by wise animals, most of whom were supporting hardworking donkey. The grand design continued and continued and lasted only after days of hard work done by lion. Finally, Lion felt how hardworking innocent animals were and felt guilty at still being fed by fox secretly. Lion’s jaws were paining with forced and labored plastic smile, which was necessary to show him in positive light.
The wise elephant kept on thinking, “Throughout ages farmers were exploited and nobody, bothered about their plight and misery. Everybody stupid offered advises to poor farmers without knowing about real issues. Farmers believed in mother earth, but politicians treated earth as their servant. Farmers remained honest, while politicians were always behaving clever and cunning. We have many ministers for speeches like: prime ministers, chief minister, senior minister, etc, but for toil only one poor farmer, who always remained as simple farmer. He is called uneducated and worthless, by these idiots, without realizing that it was he who ultimately feeds them. Everybody wanted more crops with same land and water. This was dangerous, but nobody cares.” The elephant had little hope from this lion as he wanted someone from farming to become minister as he could better gauge realities of soil.

At forest, Ill informed lion wanted to return to its rotorcraft and wanted falcon to take it off vertically and fly back to his heavenly abode as soon as possible. The hijacked chopper was nowhere to be seen and PR team was worried. It felt week and found it hard to beat the ploy of opposition, so lion’s team was working overtime to assess and minimize the damage.
Ultimately one fine morning the PR consultants crow and peacock and pilot falcon saw a stealth chopper landing at distance. It was same chopper that vanished from jungle few days back. Initially, they were worried about lion’s security. They saw somebody got down from chopper and secretly vanished in jungle. The team was happy to see the chopper and made plans to evacuate lion. Lion was informed that he must manage his exit at all costs.
The farmers meet was an experience for lion and he felt that it had improved his ideas a great deal. Now he knew more about animals and farming, still he wondered what use is farming of. The farmers ploy had taken lions fat away as lion could only manage to eat less secretly. Ultimately, lion managed his warm send off with little effort.
The sponsor was angry at lion and was shouting at diffident lion for giving such a poor speech. Lion was mad at first, still a wise voice of fox echoed inside him, “Once elections results are out, the sponsor will meet its destiny.” The newspaper covered rave reviews of lion’s large heartedness and his successful participation in one of the biggest project in swamp. The wolf wondered, the press still missed the air raid carried out by enemies across borders. He said disgustingly to itself, “How funny eagle is in reporting facts. It does not support air power for warriors, but always shows that lion in chopper. Thank God! It missed our air raid on enemies”

Now lion had to address the soldiers’ at frontiers. It was an assorted army of wild. Lion was confident in addressing his speech as war was in his veins. The PR people asked lion to cancel his address to soldiers as they feared the animals will again want action rather than speech. Action in war zone could be fatal. So it was better to let episode cool down and take some easy assignments of meeting elite, and later look for tough assignments. But lion was adamant. He wanted to eat rich varieties of smuggled flesh on the borders and wanted to tame beautiful enemy lioness with his power.

Next day, the whirlybird or chopper piloted by falcon and protected by 200 wolves arrived at the frontiers. The weather was cold and tough and just last night heavy snow fell and enemies had raided and invaded territory. Lion surveyed from distance the frontiers and took detailed and accurate account of enemies raids and its’ fortifications. The lion was jealous to see general was ready for assault and cause havoc at enemies. The PR people were worried that all this will not help Lion in his popularity as every talk was to be kept under wraps as per rules of secrecy. Still he asked General that he wanted to deliver speech to soldiers at this crucial time. General was calm and thought, “I hope, in peace, speeches by lazy could have worked. But in war, causality and blood of enemy is celebrated more than hollow speeches, and as army is ready for combat, hardly ready for listening some yawning election speeches.” Still, General thought as it was time of war and he should show loyalty to future ruler, so offending Lion was not good so a secret address was organized in which only select few gathered.

The Lion stumbled and rambled in talk as he knew little about marshalling of thousands of warriors. Though it knew enough about individual combat or hunting poor young animals. He looked tense, outsider and rusted. Everybody wanted to hear about solutions to present conflict, but lion had no idea so was diplomatic and distractive on that issue.

The PR was happy, nothing of it would get reported and army will forget once battle starts tomorrow. The general was last one to address, he spoke with restrain and measure, “In war, violence and assault are celebrated. We follow the policy of WWC: wait, watch and charge. This means assess the potential combat of your opponent and then go for out and out assault. We are highly trained combat of wily, calculating and cautious fighters. We are known for our mind and wits in normal times and strike in times of wars. WE ARE WARRIORS, NOT WORRIERS!” The General was highly trained and experienced in Movement and Action Centered leadership. He was an expert in individual and team development and an authority in focused task achievement. The General was man of stable mind and action, though words were not his forte; still words of motivation and courage came naturally to him. The Generals’ speech was precise, pointed, sharp and energetic. Generals’ speech was a call for action.

The general was inspired by stories of trust, sacrifices, valor and bravery narrated to him in its childhood by its father. It had witnessed constantly days of hunger and thirst while guarding frontiers singlehanded. He had seen countless bodies of friends and enemies oozing with blood and pain. He was hardened and seasoned soldier who could do no wrong; still deep within him was with soft heart. He was creature of action, fearlessness, knowledge, strategy and fire. Action, fearlessness and knowledge were his assets in combat.

He was the right man to command, but Lion thought otherwise. Lion listened and thought, “Why not I also fight in this war and return as hero. The army can’t afford to lose me, as I am symbol of pride. They seem to be born winners, so I will get maximum mileage through this combat. I should be in front.” He shared his thoughts with his PR team, which tried to caution Lion against danger and immediately sent secret message to sponsors. Lion thought, “I am lion. The royal king. Besides the neighboring army is also led by lioness, not wolf. This wolf General is mistaken of my abilities. I am animal of assault and combat. Let my secret sponsors sponsor donkey this time again and let him win elections. I have broad chest and I am my own goodwill.” The General wanted lion to remain at backend and watch the battle, but lion wanted front and ordered general that he would command troops from front. General was worried and mildly protested, but he had to listen to this hasty lion as central command had instructed general to listen to lion completely without words, otherwise he could be declared as traitor.

War broke out and elections were suspended. After two days of intense battle, the enemy judged that an inexperienced commander was commanding the battlefield. The enemies’ were planning assault multiplied from all sides on lion and its’ army. Suddenly, a secret assault happened and lion was attacked by unknown forces directly from all sides and this resulted in heavy casualty and Lion was lying injured at the battle front and roaring for help. The lion experienced near death visions filled with confusion, sorrow and hate. His vision was filled with massive claws and teeth’s of unknown beast. His real life fear and worries were exaggerated. He saw that recurrent dream again “The giant wolf was far bigger, powerful and agile. He was fearsome. He was more clever and intelligent than any creature on earth and the demon wolf was in great command as animals followed him more faithfully. I could never believe that wolf can lead armies against enemy lioness, while lion is still sleeping in torment at his cave and fighting elections.” Lion still was wondering, “Why secret sponsors still wanted him to be king whereas wolf could have become better one. Is it because I have good appetite and I sleep too much or just because we are almost extinct and can no longer form packs?”

The falcon piloted heli had arrived and was hovering in the sky. The lion thought, “This bastard god father still wants me to fight elections against poor donkey and let wolf guard the frontiers. The lion king thought he will have to do something about sponsors and it will surely order public slaughter of this wolf, which is cause of his pain, agony and disgrace.” A distant voice of General echoed in lion’s ears from distant lands, “WE ARE WARRIORS, NOT WORRIERS! COMBAT!”


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