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May 21st 2012  |  0  |  Category: Fiction , Thriller  |  Author: floweagles  |  774 views

He walked into the room and saw exactly what he expected to see.

He sight that met his eyes was as grim as he had predicted. Maybe three or more bodies strewn across the room, like wrapping paper after Christmas or a birthday. He walked deeper into the room and began his analysis. The rooms new gruesome decor suggested four bodies, one woman, three men.

Careful not to touch anything, the man stepped over a way wood leg and crouched down beside the torso of one of the unfortunate victims. Classic style. She had a weakness for a gory show. The computer screen dater base flashed up before his eyes and once again as he assessed and stored every detail of the room with a photo graphic memory. A rustle at the door pulled the man out of his musing with a powerful lurch. It was the old lady peering around the door, fresh tears running their way down her face, leaving sparkling tracks. She surveyed the disturbing scene with abject horror, paralysed in shock.

“I” the old lady crocked and tried again. “Is it her?” the old lady’s eyes flickered to the man’s face, to the torso beside him and back. “I can’t bring myself to look to closely.” The man, still crouched perfectly balanced, like a big cat or stone, shook his head slowly, perfect poker face, completely indifferent to the old lady’s strife.

“How can you be sure?”

“Because Eve had red hair, this is clearly blond he said, coolly picking  up half a head by its matted hair, high so the old lady could see. She wobbled but court herself immediately. She gave the man not a scared look but a powerfully cold and sombre stare, eyes milky yellow but sharp!

“  I am very old.  I was around when the very first of our kind came along. Do you know what you lot all had in common? You were hated by everybody, total outcasts, you still are”

The man stood up and advanced on the shrived old lady.

“You’re precious Eve was not the victim here but the villain!”

The old lady’s strong facade faltered for a split second and the snapped back into place.

“i don’t…”

“the eve you thought you knew does not exist, let me assure you of this I may be hated but it is me who is called to clean up your kinds filthy mess, atrocities like this!”With that he brushed past the woman and headed down the dark dank corridor.

He exited the house and walked down the street to the long, low black car that waited it.

Dam, he thought, I shouldn’t have touched the head. Dam his streak for dramatics.  He turned the engine on, and the explosion shook the hole street as the car erupted into a ball of flames.


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