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June 9th 2014  |  8  |  Category: Other , Romantic Love , Suspense , True Stories  |  Author: Girdhar Mishra  |  1197 views



“Are u virgin???” Mountro asked her suddenly.

Mountro was playing game of truth and dare with ‘Tasty’… the girl of his dreams. Only one week has passed since he told her about his feeling of love.

Mountro suggested ‘Truth and dare’ always helps to know each other better. And this is how the game started and suddenly he asked Tasty this question….

“Are u virgin???”

“Physically yes… mentally not… spiritually not…” Tasty replied.

Mountro took a deep breath of relaxation as he knew that Tasty had a boyfriend in past and he has asked this question with his fingers crossed in fear of news that Tasty has already lost her virginity.

But now his love and respect has increased towards Tasty.

Days passed… then weeks… and then months… They came very close to each other.

Tasty was very special to Mountro… and he put every possible effort to their relationship… And thus he could make a special lovely corner in heart of tasty… His stories made her feel special… His jokes made her laugh… His love gave her new ways to live…

Tasty also started to love Mountro now.

Tasty invited him on a date… they both spent very nice time together and their hearts came much closer to each other…

They have started long duration late night calls now… Mountro has fallen deeply in love of Tasty… and he felt that Tasty also felt the same about him and she also can’t live without him…

They dreamed to visit each and every corner of world together… they dreamed to wake up in the mornings together and dreamed to see sunset together on every evening…

Their desires and dreams were crossing the limits of ocean… limits of sky… and limit of possibilities…

One night they spent many hours on phone… with lovely talks… woke up in the morning on phone together …and kept on talking on phone for some more hours next day….

But something happened suddenly ……

And this conversation on phone became their last conversation…

Tasty revealed a truth to Mountro …. And his respect to their love diminished forever…

Mountro is confused till today …. Is it possible that a statement of truth can eradicate your true feeling of love from your heart? Should he continue or quit loving her? Was it the destiny of their love….?

Tasty said that initially she told a lie as she was not in love with him… and later she was afraid to lose her love by telling the truth… but finally she revealed the truth …..

“I am not Virgin… Mountro….”


Mountro is shocked to know this…. Should he continue or quit???

i leave it to readers… kindly decide and let me know too…..


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8 Responses to Virginity

  1. Rupal says:

    I think her being a virgin is a great deal for mountro…like most ppl…and his love for her probably grew stronger based on that lie…if he truly loves her …he can…he will let it go…his heart is strong enuf to bear that lie…but his mind cant let go of it…not now..not ever…

  2. thanks Rupal…
    for your response…

    i think tasty also has proven her love by daring to say the truth… even when she knew … she could loose mountro forever…

  3. Avatar of goldySoni goldySoni says:

    if I were a mountro, I would definitely continue my relation with tasty coz as per the story, tasty hide the info about her virginity when she was not in love with him so tasty was innocent there and the second thing I would like to tell u that if mountro truly loves tasty then he will definitely continue his relation…… I know it’s so hard to accept this type of relation but we have a saying that “love is blind” and sometimes decisions taken from mind is not always right :) he should continue :)

  4. thanks Soni… for your positive response…

    i also agree that mountro should continue their relationship… and i am sure this exam will give more strength to their love… :-)

  5. Madan says:

    i am agree with goldy soni
    because ” jaha pyar hota hai waha parwaha nahi hoti “

  6. thnx… for the feedback bro…

  7. Avatar of goldySoni goldySoni says:

    thanks madan bro keep smiling dude:)

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