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March 11th 2013  |  1  |  Category: Horror , Suspense  |  Author:  |  1202 views

Hunger. It was a single sudden spark that brought life back to the undead corpse. Slowly talons cracked awake with movement as unnatural life reanimated what look like a shriveled up mummy. Bones snapping its arms slowly reached out to grope in the darkness only to find stone blocking its way. Driven by its hunger it pushed its pathetic husk of a body against the rough surface and barely managed to create a crack in the stone sarcophagus. Feeling the rush of air upon its face the creature pushed against the small opening and slowly bit by bit it worked the stone lid over enough to free its self from the confining prison. Weak and barely able to stand it leaned against the container that had housed it. Lifting its skin taunt head back it tried gasping for air to draw what little energy from the air surrounded it. The air cooled slightly as the air slowly found ways to open up its shriveled lungs. Visions swirled within its mind but no strength of will could hold any of the memories in place. Knowing that feeding was all that mattered to it, it turned its head to scan the room it was in. Unnatural vision granted the creature to see though its eyeless sockets to take in the treasures and other crypts lining the walls. Faintly it felt air brush its face and with its body creaking it turned to find the source. As the current of air grew stronger it started to see swirls of colors drifting along the currents. Puzzled the creature reached up and watched as the colors wrapped around and flowed passed the skeletal fingers. Aura was the word that popped into the undead’s mind and with slow thoughts it pieced together what that meant for it.

Food! It thought and lurching forward it began to follow the auras path as it saw the colors strengthen and become thicker. There were three different auras blue, green, and a light mauve color the green was the most prominent and lurching along the creature slowly found the exit. The wooden doors that sealed the tomb had long since decayed and the creature felt the auras getting stronger. Suddenly noise reached the holes on the corpses head as the sound of footsteps began to grow near. Slinking back the creature moved to hide behind a large cracked wedge in the wall and stood there poised and ready to strike. Soon the green aura dominated the others completely as a beam of light entered the tomb. The creature froze as the light passed over it as fear entered into its mind. When the skin failed to burn the creature relaxed and watched as a boy entered the room.

Swinging his light back and forth he started to walk around the room examining every object from swords to shields and all other odd trinkets that were scattered all over the floor. When his light rested on the upright crypt with its lid ajar he crept closer to examine it. His long brown hair swished into his face as he knelt to read the inscriptions on the lid. With his backed turned and his headphones in he never saw nor heard the creature advance towards him.

Unable to resist any longer and with the intoxicating aura overwhelming the room the fragile corpse rushed upon the boy to feed. Skeletal hands latched onto the boys arms as its fangs came down upon its prey’s neck. Caught off guard the boy didn’t even scream as pain raced through his neck. Pulling the boy back and away from the coffin it spun and slammed the boy into the ground knocking the wind from his lung and continuing its feeding. The boy panicked as he slowly began to lose consciousness and flailed wildly to knock his attacker off him. Losing its grip on the boy it quickly stood up and with unnatural speed kicked the boy in the gut sending him flying into the far wall. Landing with a sickening thud the boy barely could keep himself from passing out. Knowing that its prey was weakened it started the long and arduous task of reanimating its body. Slowly muscle began to grow against the taunt skin and color began to return as the creature felt its body awakening. Ears grew from the skull and ended in sharp points as flesh began to cover its face. Slowly the form took on a masculine shape and memories began to register and hold in its mind. I am Vampyr he thought to himself Chosen ruler of the night and master of the useless cattle known as mankind. Flexing his reformed muscles he shuddered at how weak and decrepit he had become in his long sleep. Hearing a groan he looked down to see the boy laying there. Awe yess my meal is still alive.

Reaching down the Vampyr gingerly lifted the boy with one hand and pinned him against the wall. Looking him over with his still eyeless sockets he began to question in his mind the clothing the boy was wearing. Failing to speak the Vampyr knew he had hardly gained enough of his strength back and knew he still needed more blood.

Slowly the boy lifted his head as he realized he was no longer on the floor. Looking up he stared into the Vampyr’s face and fear clutched him. Only half of the face had reformed from the boy’s blood as the skin was still stretched taunt in places and teeth stood out from its lipless mouth. What scared the boy the most however was the eyes or lack thereof and the way they seemed to pull him in. He freaked and tried pulling away as a numbing sensation began to start in his neck wound. Annoyed the Vampyr lashed out with its left hand and sunk its claws deep into the boys left side causing his body to spasm. Almost instantly the boy’s body began to go numb as it spread to his spine and up into his head. Letting go, the Vampyr watched as the boy’s body fell over noticing that something was wrong with him. More memories rushed into the Vampyr’s head as he realized that he had thoughtlessly started the process of turning the boy into his thrall.

As the sensation spread into his mind the boy fought the feelings of calmness washing over him he stared at the creature before him and slowly felt his mind begin to revere what stood before him. “Master,” he croaked as he licked his lips to sate their chapped-ness.

The Vampyr grinned as he knew he had dominated the boys mind. Kneeling next to him the Vampyr slid his hand under the boys arm and lifting it to his fangs bit down to feed again. Gasping the boy felt a sense of pleasure as the creature before him began to drain more blood. Delirious the boy soon began to lose consciousness and the Vampyr pulled away not wanting to kill the new thrall. Stepping back the Vampyr began to focus on regenerating more of his body as his face began to fill more and hair started growing from his scalp. During this pain began shooting from his back as the bones began to twist and sprout the beginning of his wings. Having forgotten about them as his memories still were vaguely coming back he almost ripped them off in frustration. Kneeling down he shut out the dank and dark room around him and curling up will his stumps to grow. Slowly and painfully they did but after some time the regeneration slowed to a stop as he knew he had run out of the boy’s blood within him. “Why is this taking so long?” he hissed enraged that such power was still far from his grasp.

Stepping over to the boy he grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt and lifting him up spoke to him. “Thrall awaken you have much to explain to me” his voice venomous and spiteful.

The boys eyes popped open and with ease was able to stand despite the large amounts of blood lose he had. In his mind he was shocked by what was happening but the venom from the Vampyr made him nothing more than a robot. “Master I live to serve,” He said.

“Good tell me what year is this and how you have come to disturb my sacred resting place?” He asked.

Leaning against the wall the boy answered “The year is 2015 and we came across this ancient burial ground by luck my mom is an archaeologist she studies mainly crypts and old burial sites to understand the different cultures around the world.”

Not paying attention to what the most of the boy said the Vampyr focused on his memories to try and remember the year he had gone to slumber. Lashing out suddenly and punching the wall barely missing his new thralls head the infuriated creature hissed as he realized how many years he had been locked away.

“Five hundred and ninety years locked away and I’m awakened not by my servants but by a mere peasant who desecrates burial grounds freely!!” he shouted. Shrinking down to the ground in fear the boy whimpered “I’m sorry Master I don’t know why your servants didn’t do as you requested but I’m here now I’m yours to serve willingly.”

“Bah you are only alive for as long as I need to figure out what this world has changed into as well as blood to return me to my full strength nothing more,” the Vampyr hissed.

Unable to fight the control the Vampyr had on him the boy blurted out “My mom is just down the hall examining ancient carvings you can punish her for desecrating your burial ground Master.” Horror flooded through the boy terrified at what this beast would do to not only his mother but his little sister too. They had come alone despite insistence from the town folk to have guards to protect them as the dug but his mother had shrugged off their warnings as superstitious prattle and left. Regretting it all now tears slowly streamed down his face as he watched the beast grin and with unnatural speed leave the crypt. As soon as it was gone the strength failed in the boy and he collapsed sobbing as he couldn’t even scream to warn his mother.

Enraged the Vampyr ran down the hall filled with bloodlust for he knew he had to kill the women who had desecrated his tomb. Coming to a cross road he looked back and forth his still eyeless sockets seeking out the other auras he had seen earlier. To his left a strong surge of blue aura wafted by and slowly he climbed up the wall to hang from the ceiling. Slowly moving forward he turned the corner to see the woman kneeling next to a wall. She had a notebook and was drawing in it the different faint characters that she had never seen before. “This could be one of my biggest finds ever,” She said to herself “There isn’t any language like this originating in this entire country yet the depictions next to them clearly show a lord albeit a cruel one that ruled this area.” Unaware of the creature above her she slowly stood and closed her book. “Jeremy it’s time to go back to the camp we have to wrap up here it’s getting late!” she yelled. Waiting and listening for a response she slowly turned towards the path way her son had earlier taken. With lightning fast reflexes the Vampyr reached down and crushed the mother’s throat. Caught by surprise she dropped to the ground and flailed as she desperately tried to breathe. Letting go of the ceiling the Vampyr let go of the ceiling and flipped to land on top of her. “Your son Jeremy is predisposed of at the moment and you have desecrated your last burial ground,” He hissed “Fear not I’ll make sure your son dies as painfully a death as you are about to.” Lashing down he sank his fangs onto her shoulder crushing the bone and began to gulp her flowing blood down. Unable to scream and losing consciousness from not being able to breathe the last thoughts that ran through her mind was Melody please run. Draining most of her blood the Vampyr lifted her lifeless body over his shoulders and stalked back to his thrall. Entering the burial tomb he threw her body down in front of the boy. “She wasn’t able to even fight back how pathetic hardly a worthy adversary though I must admit her blood tasted better than yours,” grinning he chuckled as he walked closer as a new wave of tears flowed down Jeremy’s face. Grabbing the dead women by her head and lifting it to face the boy the Vampyr explained “Your mother was a fool like the vast majority of humans that dare to cross my path, you should learn from her mistakes my thrall and while I leave you here to contemplate her actions I’m going to eliminate any other threats to my tomb.” Letting the limp body fall to the ground he rose and turned to leave. Stunned the boy just sat there staring at his mother’s body as memories flowed through him breaking his will even more. Slowly he reached out and picking her body up he pulled her close and began to cry.

Stalking through the tunnels the Vampyr slowly began to remember more and more. Flashes of his past life rushed as he relearned the reasons for his faked death in the first place. “Those pathetic wretches failed me” he muttered to himself. Sniffing the air he caught the faint scent of perfume. Roses? He thought. Where have I smelled this before? Suddenly an image of a child pierced his mind. Slowly he pieced together an image of her face. Long flowing black hair and deep green eyes smiled at him as she ran to be picked up by him. Yes she was my daughter and that was her favorite perfume she wore when she would visit he thought to himself. Getting closer to the source of the smell he began to hear what to him sound like the crashing of stones and light sound of a screaming man. Unaware of what he was hearing he slowed his pace as he neared the exit. To his surprise he saw a young girl listening to a strange box that was the source of the horrible sounds. Watching her he saw the light mauve aura cling to her in desperation. She must be sick or dying to have such a weakened aura he thought to himself. Lurching forward he slowly crawled up the wall like a chameleon to take her unaware.

Gingerly she picked up a mirror as she hummed along to the music. Brushing her hair she had always hated being drugged along to these stupid excavation sites. She was fifteen she should be in a normal school doing normal things no in some dank cave with old bones. “God I hate my mother,” she said exasperated “She doesn’t even have a full research team it’s just me and my stupid ogre of a brother this will take weeks.” Setting the brush down at her feet she rose to walk down into the crypt when suddenly the doors behind her slammed shut. Jumping she screamed as darkness enveloped her. “What the fuck!” she yelled. When all of a sudden two hands reached out and grabbed her by her shoulders. “You are very weak child you shouldn’t strain your little heart so,” the Vampyr cooed to her. Screaming she kicked out and fell as her attacker was unharmed by pathetic attempt to escape. Landing on her back she slowly felt the one hand slowly move to wrap gingerly around her throat. “Your blood will taste foul but never the less I have need of it and then I will go and feed again on your mother,” he said laughing at the end of his words. Tears rolled down her face as pain began to spread in her chest. With a simple jerk the Vampyr snapped her neck and turning her head to the side bent down and began to drink. Bitter and foul was the taste of her blood as he only was able to drink half of what was in her. Backing away from the body he crouched and began to force his body to regenerate even more slowly his wing stumps grew out and breaking off grew to tips as skin slowly stretched to cover the gaps between the bones. Flexing them he sighed in relief that he was finally formed again. Blinking his eyes he felt them fill with his new eyeballs. Bright emerald in color they failed to match with the corpse colored paleness of his skin. Reaching up he swept his long hair back as he rose up to stand and flex his muscle reveling in the strength he now possessed. Turning he walked serenely back to his thrall now wanting to learn what the world had become in his absence. Entering the room he turned to see Jeremy holding his mother. With the light source cut off when the doors were slammed shut Jeremy didn’t even notice the fully reformed Vampyr standing before him.

“Why waste such emotions on a corpse thrall?” The Vampyr asked grinning with malice.

Frightened Jeremy responded “Master I don’t believe you’d understand but she did so much for me and my…” Trailing off he knew then that his sister was dead.

“She didn’t suffer seeing as how she was sick to begin with,” he said. Stepping closer he lifted the boy swiftly to his feet. “Enough with the mourning thrall you have much to tell me and my senses tell me that daylight is almost up,” he said annoyed, “And I am just itching to feed some more so if you value existence you’ll do as I say right thrall?”

Dropping his head Jeremy replied meekly “Yes master.”

Patting the boy on the head the Vampyr replied “Good now first my kind how are they viewed in this time and do you know anything about House Sanguineus?”

Confused at the last question the boy replied “Most think Vampyrs were nothing more than fairytales to scare children or superstition. My mom was studying the possible explanations as to the origins of the supernatural and how they shaped mankind and this house I’ve never heard of.”

Frowning the Vampyr turned away from the boy. “The sun has set its time to leave this place I’ve been here long enough,” he said.

“Yes Master,” Jeremy answered.

Without word the two left the dank burial tomb and heading out stopped on top of an outcropping that overlooked a great valley. Moon rising the two looked down to stare at the lights in the distance of a small village. “Master you need to blend in this world doesn’t understand you,” Jeremy stated turning to face the Vampyr. “My thrall let me show you just exactly what I can do” said the Vampyr. Stretching his wings out he wrapped himself in them and the boy watched as the wings squirmed like a cocoon and slowly slid back to reveal a human standing before him. Smiling the man reached out and patted his young thrall on the shoulder. “You worry too much my thrall and now you’re going to show me this new world of yours,” The Vampyr said.


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    I love your story it all the elements that blend well in a story.Darkness and all horror fears.

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