True Martial Artist

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August 6th 2012  |  0  |  Category: Fiction  |  Author: shainur ullah  |  643 views

‘One man taking on many, like 30 to be exact, something you see in Hollywood and movies right? Well guess again just an hour ago a lone stranger took on a gang of 30 and put all of them in hospital being treated for concussion and fractures. This is something so startling, like hollywoodfu coming to life, here is the footage from the CCTV cameras for the area of Eccles opposite Tesco just outside Olympic Gym’

Marcus Elliot a 6ft1 40 year old man, living in a flat in Eccles a failed martial artist and teacher. His school closed 5 years ago he opened it at age 30. Faithless and hating life as it moves, a builder and still on benefits as the recessions still deepens for many. A divorced man he hardly sees his daughter, he doesn’t feel like seeing her always in a bad mood and temper but not a violent man. His wife left him as he failed to be successful and she has settled down with another man. Drinking beer while watching TV silently in the darkness, he sometimes looks at the pictures of his favourite students training and smiling. Luke, Simon, James, Philip and the youngest of his students and favourites the smallest 5ft7 Michael.

Jeet Kune Do was his main teaching area invented from Bruce lee; he mixed it with Kali and Silat along with Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Smelling his old Ju jitsu gee flash backs flow so quickly and nearly in tears as he is a failure.


‘Keep punching keep punching’ shouts Marcus known as sifu to them playing drums to stimulate their mentality

‘Brazilian Ju jitsu is a brilliant art form but I won’t advise you to use it on the street’ giving out his wisdom

He comes back to reality; in the end he didn’t have enough students to support him self and the school. The reality of life is that you are likely to fail, like being an actor or a singer people always look at the one’s who made it to the top while ignoring the masses that have failed. He finds one more picture a proudest moment of his life, helping out small Michael; he struggled at first and had no power or speed in his strikes or grapples but through practice and hours in private one to one training in 5 years he was able to beat up sifu Marcus Elliot by him self, a picture of him and Michael private training, Marcus’s nose bleeding and a smile.

A knock on his flat, he wondered a while who on earth would want to knock on for him. It was the police and detectives and other private practices wanting Marcus. None of them were smiling and different uniforms representing different crime organisations not all were English some American and other’s like the CIA, MI5 and MI6.

‘Marcus Elliot we would like you to come with us’ the strange man spoke with an American accent

‘What is this about?’ Marcus questioned

‘You have heard about the guy that beat up those 30 guys, well three of them died and we can’t find him’ woman spoke named on her badge ‘inspector Melissa sorrow’

‘What has this got to do with me and what’s FBI doing here this is Britain?’ Marcus

‘We will explain everything when you come with us down the station, we believe he is one of your students’ spoke firmly inspector Melissa sorrow

Marcus felt a little sick in his stomach something did not feel right, he doesn’t believe in god so he is definitely alone. Down the station it was filled with criminals for violence related crimes. Since the YouTube showing of the stranger beating up 30 guys, it triggered a number of other guys wanting to try and beat up that amount as well. Manly competition, blood and teeth spilt all over and Marcus not a clue in the world what was going on in society. Since his school closed down he was just working for building sites and coming home alone reminiscing about the past of his glory days. They eventually call him in and about ten people in the room ready to throw questions at him.

They show him the video and it did astonish him, he started to laugh and smile they look at each other it is a youtube hit.

‘Mr Elliot this stance this street fighter has is the definite Jeet Kune Do and the only one that teaches Jeet Kune Do in Eccles is you’ questioned sergeant rob miller

‘I have closed my school down 5 years ago and none of my student will be able to pull off what that guy did not even me’ Marcus spoke truthfully

He brought pictures of his martial art school and students trying to clear his name what ever they think. He looks at the American crime organisations with him and questions their presence.

‘What’s with the FBI and I don’t know what you guys are?’ Marcus spoke

‘What this guy has done is beyond anything, organisations like us and the military like lieutenant skarsky behind me would like to know how and where he acquired those skills it could be useful, we are definitely sure he is your student all the videos you put up on the net show your martial art are exactly the same movements as this stranger has used in real life on the CCTV camera’s’ The FBI man spoke

He showed them the pictures of his best students only the five explaining to them they got the wrong guy, what happened that night has changed the world perception of fighting. Millions have joined martial arts and million on Youtube watching it over and over again, commenting.

‘This is amazing’
‘I guess anything is possible’
‘This guy definitely got good sex after he beat those 30 guys up’
‘The 30 Dis-likes are those that got battered’

Marcus had to get up, got taken into a space and had to show what he teaches of all the martial arts he use to teach. He showed everything for Jeet Kune Do to Brazilian Ju Jitsu they then wanted to speak with his five best students. Luke, Simon, James, Philip and Michael this strange fighter had to be figured out. He had their phone numbers but had not spoken to them in many years; another call was given to look at the CCTV cameras but in better graphics. They looked at it again the one fighting off the 30 thugs and then it hit Marcus.

‘That’s Michael definitely, that jumper missing an ‘I’ for Impact martial arts and the rip on the sleeve, its Michael’ Marcus shouted in surprise

No one would have expected it to be Michael, his small stature the nicest one. He tried ringing him but no answer and he didn’t know if he had any family he never spoke of his personal life. Marcus mind was full of many things, the possibility and the chances of how Michael pulled it off, Marcus now wanted to find him by going round to his student houses the faithful ones and inspector Melissa sorrow wanted to go with him, questioning them and clues of where Michael is.

Chapter 2

Inspector Merissa sorrow and Marcus both went off to go see Luke if he knew any thing about Michael. The rest stayed at the station watching the video over and over again. Luke’s house was based in Salford a town full of chavs and drug dealers with big guys to back them up for any trouble. It wasn’t a nice area, horrible atmosphere and kids staring. They knock on and the sounds of footsteps as the mother open the door.

‘Hello is Luke their’ spoke Marcus

She doesn’t say anything and shouts Luke as he opens the living room door and greets them in, drunk in 5am in the morning. It had been all day since the officials knocked on for Marcus, explaining and trying to make sense of the CCTV.

‘I’m here come in’ Luke greeting them in drunkenly

‘Hey this is Merissa’ Marcus spoke

‘You probably heard of the fight that broke out with that guy and the 30’ inspector Melissa sorrow explaining

‘No no I’ve been drinking too much, drunk’ Luke spoke

‘Are you an alcoholic?’ inspector Melissa sorrow giving out the obvious

‘Bingo’ Luke answered

‘I thought you stopped?’ Marcus pleaded

‘Came back when your martial art school closed down’ Luke answered

Marcus felt guilty a sort of bad feeling knowing it was his own fault; he meant so much too so many people. He was hope, that martial art school was the best thing to happen to some people. It was like another world away from the vicious horrible competitive one the students were born in. His martial art school gave them a sense of faith like religion almost.

‘Do you know anything of Michael’s whereabouts’ Inspector Melissa sorrow pleaded

‘Oh Michael, no me I’m just drunk all day long’ Luke answered funnily

It was clear Luke was useless; an alcoholic with no sense with the world Marcus had to speak with him alone. To get to know him again, he knew Luke had this problem before but was able to help him out show him a new way.

‘Luke you have got to try and stop drinking’ Marcus emotionally spoken

‘I don’t want to, I like the world better like this when I am drunk’ Luke answered quietly

‘What happened?’ Marcus shouted

‘You closed down that school I guess I won’t have started drinking again’ Luke answered

He felt like crying, the emotional level was intense and the feeling of not failing him self but for some one else, he made a promise that after he finds Michael he will be helping Luke. He may not be teaching martial arts but Luke is a friend to him a good one and he need’s Marcus right now.

‘Oh yeah Simon killed him self, that martial art school of yours it was special it gave us hope’ Luke blurted out

An awkward silence in the room between Marcus and Luke, he didn’t know what to say but a moment of silence for Simon, he was one of those nice guys always being pushed around and being told what to do. Marcus was fuelled with rage and anger and definitely nearly in tears, Simon one of his faithful students committing suicide wishing he went to his funeral but never knew.

‘Society killed Simon his funeral was taken somewhere near Trafford centre’ Luke spoke again

Marcus went out again with inspector Melissa to James house, Melissa didn’t know what happened in that room but she noticed something wrong. As she drove she started to speak of a new career prospect for Marcus.

‘You know nearly every crime organisation want you to teach their soldiers and police officers, you can be back in as a martial artist again’ Inspector Melissa sorrow spoke

He was silent and clearly showing signs of sadness and despair for Simon, he quickly told her to go somewhere a specific grave yard because he wanted to show his respects. Grave yards are the blackest of places and even scary but also sadness and regressions fills the air. He stops at a grave stone wasn’t expensive looking at the dirt and style and no care of the place Simon he beloved student rests.

‘Hey man sorry I didn’t come to the funeral I didn’t know you committed suicide but basically I wished you called me or asked me for help you know I would have been their for you, you’re like a brother to me mate’ Marcus crying finally letting out the emotions

‘We need to get to James house, then to Philips they might no something of Michael’ inspector Melissa sorrow instructing Marcus

They get in the car and wiping his eyes full of regret and pain he moves forward to find Michael.

Chapter 3


They get into a hotel a premier inn, they needed to rest. Both had separate rooms Marcus had been thinking of Michael, he had literally changed the world of what fighting is. Famous ring fighters were even confused and everyone wanted to know how they can be like Michael. As he turns on the telly a news reporter from the BBC speaks again of Michael’s sighting.

BBC reporter James Howarth

‘As you see hear again in swinton this strange man had another fight with another gang this time with weapons, there were more people, 40 this time all of them now in hospital being treated again for concussion and fractures. The footage here shows this strange man who I will name later as the police finally have evidence of who he is and where he got trained from. Just look at how fast he is and strong, reaction timing perfect I would like to say he is the Achilles of our time of the 21st century but the question goes does he have an Achilles heel? The name of this strange man is Michael Jones and his teacher goes by the name sifu Marcus Elliot and he use to teach JEET KUNE DO, Kali, SILAT and Brazilian JU JITSU but had to close down 5 years ago due to financial problems and as you see Michael here is showing perfect JEET KUNE DO and Kali here in this fight against a gang of 40 which is just unbelievable’

Marcus has a sickly feeling in his stomach, he didn’t want this attention. A knock on the door from Melissa she has news on Michael. The police went over to his house, he lives with his fragile grandmother, his mother died and his father was a useless kind. His grandmother was rich to support him growing up and in his room were hundreds of books on martial arts and fighting techniques.

‘We need to go to James house quickly’ Inspector Melissa sorrow shouted

James lived in Pendleton in Ashbourne Rd with his parents, they knock and get greeted in as usual but James is no where to be seen. His parents were good people but James him self was up to no good a drug dealer struggling to find a job he came to drugs in last resort. James comes down stairs, a surprise on his face to see his sifu with a police inspector.

‘I have taken no part in those fights’ James spoke

‘We know you haven’t, do you know where Michael is James?’ Marcus questioned

‘That’s Michael fighting them isn’t it said just then, you should re-open your school sifu Marcus’ James complimented

‘We want to know where Michael is please James’ Inspector Melissa sorrow spoke

‘I haven’t seen him since you closed down I have just been selling drugs’ James stupidly spoke

‘I’ll turn a blind eye to that’ Inspector Melissa sorrow spoke

James was just another useless turn, they asked about Philip but he has gone travelling through out the world since Marcus had closed down his school, Philip gave up his day job and just left the country to travel and free his spirit. He sends post cards to his mother living in Eccles every year. This was it no more help to find Michael. Inspector Melissa sorrow separated from Marcus.

Chapter 4

A remembrance of old times

Walking past the Olympic gym where his school use to be he wanted to look at it again. On the 3rd floor paint on the walls coming off and smell of old is in the air and spiders have their flies to eat and music is being played in the most bleakest of places, this was the floor where people loved to train and they gave up their gym membership just to come train with him to be schooled and learn martial arts. The 3rd floor is dark and the door is open he steps in and smells the bit of sweat left in the room. A sword left on the floor he picks it up and starts training with it like old times. 4000 ft long in the darkness comes out a figure Michael smiling at him.

‘Hello sifu I missed this place’ Michael spoke

‘Michael I have been worried about you searching for you’ Marcus shouted surprised

‘I loved this place’ Michael spoke

‘How did you take on so many people you have literally changed the world’ Marcus shouting

‘Simple you taught me how to fight like that’ Michael answered smiling

‘Shut up I couldn’t have taught you to be that good I wasn’t that good of a teacher and I cant even fight off 40 guys at the same time’ Marcus showing unfaithfulness

‘You did you taught me and made me the fighter I am today you have to believe you have no idea what you did for me, you changed my life’ Michael spoke

Marcus was finding it hard to believe that he could have produced such a student and he was pleased to see Michael the only one really healthy in a certain way. Michael starts walking to the door and a confused look on Marcus’s face.

‘Where are you going?’ Marcus questioned

‘I just wanted to see this place again where it began for me thank you sifu Marcus you did this for me and please don’t tell any one you saw me they’re going crazy for a couple of fights and start teaching again give some one else the same change you did for me’ Michael spoke

Just about when he leaves the room Marcus stops him and gets a gun, he holds one secretly and definitely away from inspector Melissa sparrow and challenged Michael just to test him.

‘Catch this bullet’ smiled Marcus

‘Ok’ smiled Michael


Michael catches the bullet perfect timing and walks up to Marcus and close to his face he speaks a few words before dropping the bullet from his hand to Marcus’s hand.

‘Sometimes all you need is faith’ Michael whispered

Michael this time leaves Marcus and thinking and thinking of what to do for himself to be a builder all his life. He doesn’t speak a word to any one of his interaction with Michael and goes with the job inspector Melissa sparrow was talking about, teaching soldiers and police officers and he goes round to see Luke and help him with his alcohol problem. He never again heard of Michael.


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