Trekking on a small hill

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March 6th 2017  |  0  |  Category: Adventure , True Stories  |  Author: type-n-share  |  135 views

Sam always see locals spending their weekends in some kind of sports activity like cycling, trekking, playing soccer, badminton, lawn tennis, volleyball, or baseball. There were other guys who play indoor games like snooker/billiards, bowling or video games. Sam has always been in study and research all his life. During his growing years, he did explore all kind of sports for the heck of knowing and learning it, but never progressed and pursued anything to a great extent. Even today, all he knows and does is research, but if gets a chance, he is able to do show his skills whether it is football, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, swimming, or be it pumping iron in a gym, or doing push-ups or pull-ups in a morning session in the playground. Outdoor sports activity has always impressed, fascinate and inspired him, but not enough that he would do it regularly. From these fascinations and impressions from locals, this morning, he thought of doing a trekking on a small hill. Although locals do it very professionally, with all trekking suits, shoes, and other accessories, Sam didn’t spend a penny on anything, because he was very sure that he may not pursue it long out of his habit. He just put on his old pair of sneakers, which are not good for trekking, but the only option.

So, finally, in the late morning of a Sunday, he started the trekking with full determination. First, he took a bus to the location and then started climbing the small hill. Initially, it was a concrete road which went straight to some monument. But in between it has stairs towards the steep hill, the path which ultimately he took, leaving behind the road. He climbed the stairs to a normal pace for around five minutes, but Alas, he felt that his body is a big protest. The idea of trekking was not at all taken positively. The protest was clearly visible in the form of breathlessness and a very high heart beat rate. This made Sam a little worried, scary thoughts started running through his brains. What if he collapses there, nobody will come to know for sometimes, may be hours. For one moment, he felt very scared and thought of calling somebody.This is not something which he imagined and planned for today. Then, he saw two old ladies coming from another side, they were coming downhill. He felt a little conscious as what would they think if they see him exhausted and in breathlessness situation. It will be shameful since Sam is a young chap in his 30s and this is not at all suits his age. So when they came closer, held his breath and passed them quickly. The moment he saw them disappearing in distance, he gasped for breath and immediately starting looking for a place to sit. A few meters away, he saw one bench and reached for it asap. Soon after sitting there for a while and breathing fully for few minutes, he returned to a state with normal breathing and heart rate. He started climbing again. He realized that what happened initially was a kind of initial adaptation of my body to activity burst. Also, a warning from the body that unexpected things are not welcomed, it needs preparation. Once he regained his energy the rest of the journey was enjoyable. After every few hundred meters, various wooden and iron fittings were fixed at various places for people to do free exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, dips and stretching. These hills have trees and shrubs, peaceful environment, full of fresh air, without any threat of animals around. He was amazed to see the arrangements are done by local government, the way they made proper trekking paths, directions and resting places (traditional huts on top of hills). Sam reached to the first hilltop and clicked some breathtaking views of the city from that height. It was an amazing feeling, pin-drop silence, only things you hear are your own breath, birds and your feet crushing dried leaves. The mind somehow sense this and slows down, one feels the release of stress and heaviness, which is always there when you are working and staying in a city. After taking some time there, he continued his walk and covered two more hilltops in between and clicked more snaps on its way. He climbed down from another end of the hill and the path crossed through one small and beautiful village. He was surprised to see that he covered a long distance on the hills, but the starting and finishing point was just 200 meters away. The maps displayed on the trek showed that it cover around three to four hills, and all are connected, and there are around 4-6 entry/exit point. He was totally exhausted but thoroughly enjoyed it with some unforgettable moments to share with the world.


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