Tokyo Nuclear accident

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September 21st 2012  |  4  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Horror , Satire , Suspense  |  Author:  |  1117 views

1, Miss Sae

I felt something warm, and touched between my lips and my nose.

I felt something slimy at the base of my forefinger, and saw bright red liquid attached there as soon as I took my hand off.

Almost the same time,
“Oh, your nose is bleeding.”
Wakako Torishima, who is my junior in this editorial team said so.

I knew that although everyone in this office were able to hear her voice, but nowadays, nobody paid attention.

Although my eyes met her for the moment, I turned my eyes away from her, and I stretched my hand to the box of tisshues on the desk.

Wakako Torishima is the only person who always wore the mask covering her nose and her mouth.
The Joke that somebody asked Wakako “Why are you wearing the mask?”, and she always told the same answer,
“I am defending something wrong” was popular, a while ago.

But, recently, I have not seen the joke.I don’t know that whether I happen to not see.”Well, could you make the page designs in this image?”I still had the tissue in my hand, and said.”What time do you want me to have it done?”
I am accustomed to her muffled voice which passed through her mask.

” Could you finish tomorrow in full? Are you going to leave,today? ”

Two things with clear blue-grey on the gap between her mask and her bangs— I didn’t know which the color of her natural eye or her contact lens to often change— were still watching me.

“Your nosebleed can’t stop. You had better change the tissue”

Certainly, the bloody red is spreading throughout the tissue, and my hand is wet.

I hastily added three more tissues to my nose.

“Please be sure to finish up”

I gleaned the papers of rough sketch of the magazine, and put them in front of her.

Then, I left this place.

When she said “Your nose is bleeding”, her voice reached out to all over this office.

But, she said with a small voice which could to be heard for only me, at this time.

”Would you like to die?”

She said so certainly.

I pretended not to hear her voice.

Then, Wakako went beck to her desk.

I couldn’t watch Wakako anymore.

I felt uncomfortable until Wakako wore her jacket, and had her bag, and said
“See you tomorrow”, and went out of this office.

I hoped that someone would make fun by saying her,
“So crazy, Wakako! She were wearing the mask firmly all day long!” after she went out.

Such a joke had been said very often untill this summer.
But I though that the member of this office got bored with this joke.

Or, they had been accustomed to Wakako who was wearing the mask all day long.

After a while, Miss Yamazaki said to me,
“Have you finished your today’s work?”
I felt that she stood behind me.
Before I would turn around, I checked whether the nosebleed stopped, or not.

It was stopped.

“I got an invitation of the party for the new restaurant to open soon at Omotesando. Let’s join it to eat something in passing”

Because more than 10 years I have continued to obey Miss Yamazaki unconditionally, it was certain that I had answered to her “yes” like a reflex.

But Miss Yamazaki said to me “Well, Let’s go! I’m hungry”, and While I’m watching that she put on her coat, I don’t remember what did I say to he for the answer.

Recently, it seems to that I am so forgetful.

When miss Yamazaki and I went up stairs to the station of Omotesando subways, I noticed that many people who come and go to the town wore the fur or the boots.

Although, I though that Autumn was not much deeper, I was worry about that I was only one person wearing the lightly clothes.

“What kind of the restaurant will we go?”

“I think that the concept of the restaurant is to use only the organic vegetables”

Because Miss Yamazaki had been editing many books about organic and slow-life, she was mingling with many such stores .

I often got the insence which were new release, or bodysoap which were left over, etc…, from such kinds of shops via miss Yamazaki.

The new building had emerged on the corner where there were certainly other stores , but I don’t remember what was.
The building in which most walls facing the road are glazing was the new restaurant.

Because Miss Yamazaki got the admission into any party for being well known, I hastily entered after chasing her.

Although I have been working in this business world for 15 years, I still get a scare that I may be able to refuse entrance of any party.

Even if I have an invitation which addressed to my publish company.
“I think that if you show the letter of invitation to the reception, you seem to be timid more.
But, if you have the attitude that you can join the party naturally, you will not be refuse.”

She said so, quite some time ago, but I don’t remember When she said.

Tthe restaurant would be bright duaring the day time, because the wall of it is almost the glass which get a lot of sunshine.
But, tonight, squeezed light, so it was dark.

Indirect lights were shining dimly here and there.

They were the lanterns made from the orange pumpkins.

The small card which I was given from the waiter with the wine glasses was printed that this wine also made from the organic grapes.

I drank one mouth.
Then, I felt just sour.

There were many dishes servred with a lot of colorful vegetables.

People were enjoying them with organic wine, and with their talking.

Among them, the owner of this restaurant began speech,

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this party, tonight”

His voice with a microphone carried well through the noises.

“… Now, more than half a year has passed from the big earthquake in eastern Japan.

I hopeed that the reconstruction of disaster areas, today we especially bought the vegetables in the disaster area.”

The applause naturally occurred, and it didn’t stop.

The applause became large more and more, and it stopped in the same way as the time it occurred naturally.
The spotlight hit him.
He had flushed cheeks, as if the applause of many people wormed up him.
He seemed to feel the aftertaste of the applause, then a thin stream of blood trickled from his nose.
I didn’t know whether he notice it, but he closed his speech without wiping the blood.

“Now, please enjoy foods and wine to your heart, tonight”

The applause happened again exceptionally.

Many toast occurred here and there, and the clear sound of the clinking the glasses echoed.

I found out that Miss Yamazaki was bleeding from her nose, and noticed that it is the first time I saw her nosebleed.

When I felt that this organic wine tasted like the blood, I also had a bloody nose out again.

Because it was so dark around there, I didn’t notice that there were a lot of people who had a bloody nose here and there.

Everyone was laughing.
They seemed to be very happy.

People who had the tissues gave another people who didn’t have the tissues kindly.

They seemed to be very accustomed.

So,if something became familiar, we would not worry about it.

When I had finished drinking the rest of the wine glass,I approached the table lined with beautiful and colorful dishes for eating something.


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