Tokyo Nuclear accident 9

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It was also one important reason why Yusuke fell in love with Sae that she is also wicked and crafty, and a calculating person.
Still, she doesn’t assume a defiant attitude about her own character.
It is a correct behavior on living in a society to hide such her nasty character from the public eye, but she doesn’t believe that she can become a goody two-shoes if she hide it by any means.

And, her character isn’t so frank as that she isn’t two-faced person.
Yusuke understood in his own way or style that all the people have complicated internal mind.
Still he is able to sympathize with her stance for everything.
When she said that it is better that we have a money or a status or a reputation than we have nothing, he felt that what she said resembled his sense.
He thinks that a girlfriend or a marriage partner of him don’t need to have the same sense of values for him, however it was comfortable for him to sympathize with her sense of value.

Indeed, Sae’s sense of values can agree Yusuke’s past life, he felt.
Yusuke’s life may not a praised thing, however, she agree it, he can feel.
He met her at a certain party, for the first time.
He feels that it isn’t good that the woman who is familiar with a party too much, but it is troublesome to be in accord with the woman who isn’t familiar with the party at all.
Well, she has neither the overabundance nor the lack in every situation, so in this point he felt that her territory where she live in overlaps with it of him.
She is not too naive,and not too shameless.
Yusuke have a guilty conscience that such a way of life is unfair.
However, such a way of life is convenient to survive in a Tokyo city.
He acquired such a position by hardship, and it was the result that he made an effort to survive.

He escorted his former girlfriend whom he kept company with before he associates with Sae at this party.
The girlfriend praised Sae more than require.
Even if his former girlfriend left the meeting place of the party, she continued praising Sae. He felt that it was unnatural.
It was because she had a competitive spirit with Sae, he thought.
Yusuke was attacked by the cruel feeling at that time.
If his girlfriend was going to take away her fear by a method to praise Sae whom his girlfriend felt a menace, Yusuke want to get his hand on Sae and want to injure his girlfriend.
And he did so.

But he thought that it was happy for his former girlfriend.
He dumped her and might hurt her temporarily.
But, it was good for her that she would spend the rest of her life with somebod who is not him, he felt.
On the contrary he thought that Sae fell into the fate that wasn’t good, because she had been rolled up in his fate that wasn’t good.
Then, he thinks it should be his duty now to save Sae.
While on the road to today’s demonstration, he is thinking about such a thing.
In a train, he received a call on his cell-phone from Sae.
It was unusual for Sae to call him suddenly.
This is because she always send email to him whether she could call him now before calling.
At first, Yusuke intended to keep that he was going to join the demonstration secret from her. However the next moment, he noticed that it was a demonstration to participate for her and my future.
And he added the email to her, ” Would you participate it with me?”.
Yusuke would like to participate in today’s demonstration with Sae.
Even if he would go to the restaurant which was snobby and incredibly high-quality with her after having participated in the demonstration.
On September 19, it is the day of ”Good-bye Nuclear Power Plant demonstration”, a transparent blue color covered the sky of Tokyo softly.

10. Miss Sae

I have received an e-mail from Yusuke, and I intend to prepare for going out to meet him, even if I don’t know whether I would take part in the demonstration or not today.
Furthermore, I received an email from him in addition.
He wrote in the e-mail, at first he is going to participate in the anti-nuclear meeting held before the demonstration, and the meeting place was at Meiji Park.
I prepared quickly, and although I usually wear high-heeled shoes, after having a confusion a little at the entrance, I choose to wear my sports shoes which is good and comfortable for walking.

However, at first I don’t understand myself of which clothes to choose that will match with my sports shoes as well.
I asked myself whether I intended to take part in that demonstration seriously, but I did not know it.

But there’s a lot things I can’t understand in this world.
After 311, I lost it more and more.
Without understanding about myself and the world, it passes for approximately a half year from that day.

I sent an e-mail to him and that I left my apartment already, and he replied that he suggested to meet a cafeteria before the demonstration.
I noticed that cafeteria is near from my apartment and easy to access to Meiji Park
Both I and him pay high rent and live foolishly in the center of Tokyo.
If we we’re going to marry someday and live together , I wondered that we would still stay in the center of Tokyo. I sometime did such imagination after I met him.
“Although the center of Tokyo is convenient, I want to live leisurely a little more at the places which have a rich natural environment, especially if we would have a child.
Although it will take me longer on my commuting time, I think my families convenience should come first”

I still remember my friend that used to live in Tokyo but she’s now away with her husband.
I don’t get a high salary.
My company has much work and irregular hours so there’s only little more in my income than the average income of the other female employees or worker.
So, I have a hard time keeping my budget and living Tokyo.
But I’m still doing my best to sustain my daily living in Tokyo.
I felt like that I had ridiculous sense of values that the address where I live in is a brand, and I believed that all the people around me should feel in the same way.
However, I didn’t know whose sense of value it was around me.
I don’t know where miss Yamazaki whom I often share the time together after leaving the office lives in.

Because after having worked overtime until the middle of the night, miss. Yamazaki often went home by taxi, I thought that she lived in the place that wasn’t so far from Ebisu where our company was located without.
I wouldn’t like take a taxi before my payday when I go home.
she’s ahead of me for several years but our salary is just the same.
However, my boyfriend Yusuke was different.
He belongs to a class getting the income that doesn’t overdo to live in the center area of Tokyo.

He would certainly enter the category of the rich person.
Well, he has good personality, and it may be said that he is handsome.
But I think that there is no help for it, if I would introduce him to 100 people; than 80 people would say to me “You approached him for money”.
The company which he ran became famous recently.
The cafeteria which I had a rendezvous with him had an atmosphere to feel relaxed, with the appearance such as the mountain cottage among trees, but using modern cool furniture and tableware’s.
And it was the cafeteria which was famous by serving the healthy meals using delicious and secure ingredients.
Because it is good for my health after dining out repeatedly, I continued patronizing this cafeteria.

I enter the cafeteria, and I take seat, and he appears in a few minutes.
I watched his clam expression not changing at all, so I was relieved.
All right. He doesn’t change anything, I felt.
In this cafeteria, many accessories related to Halloween which are orange and black… were displayed.

There is a small glass Jack O’ Lanterns on the table where we sat.
If it’s night, a candle in the lantern would bright up and burns.
There are the meals and the cakes using pumpkins on the menu like this season.
And I noticed that “We have heard the voice of many guests who worried about the radioactive contamination of the foods,
so we use the ingredients from West and South Japan and foreign countries if possible in our cafeteria. Although we made a note of the producing district of ingredients on this menu as possible in detail, please don’t hesitate to ask for any question” printed on all pages of the menu, and I must keep an eye on it for a while.


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