Tokyo Nuclear accident 8

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October 21st 2012  |  2  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Horror , Romantic Love , Suspense  |  Author:  |  717 views


On September 19, Wakako left the apartment wearing in her everyday clothes without disguising herself today.
It’s difficult for her to continue walking at the demonstration with the appearance to look like a male wearing secret boots.
Still more, it isn’t necessary to change her figure when she join the crowd of people.
Of course she is wearing the mask today.
But, this isn’t for disguise and is for protecting.
The guys–they are the invisible particles– have ruled over this city Tokyo.
“They are fuckin’ radioactive materials!! I don’t want to let those fellows to enter in my body even one particle” She often talks herself so.
“In the first place all the people who introduced nuclear power plant into this country already would be under the graveyards.
And, the scientists who believed innocently that they could control a nuclear power, and create it would sleep comfortably being eaten by maggots under their grave without knowing anything? They’re the people like a child who couldn’t solve if they would make playing with matches, and cry.They suck ass!!”
She continues muttering in her mind.
Wakako wants to beat up on those fellows who produced nuclear power and died without taking the responsibility, and foolish people who brought a nuclear power plant into Japan, and promoted it.
She imaged that how fine if she could stab and kill them until they were honeycombed.
Although a few of a politician and a bureaucrat who promoted a nuclear power plant are still living persistently making a sorry display of themselves, they were reduced to the old men wearing their ragged skin which had begun to decay from the inside.
If she murdered them like the zombie, she would not have the response, it would be like killing a dead person, she thought.

After all!
Furthermore, that horrifying electric power company and politician and bureaucrat aren’t Japanese rulers any longer.
It is that invisible particle-formed guy that have begun to control the whole earth as well as Japan now.
They are the radioactive material!
This particle-formed small devil would not disappear even if we would exterminate stupid politician and electric power company and bureaucrat.
Both fuckin’ guys who had promoted a nuclear power plant and blameless people are controlled by the devil of the micro-particle equally.
Anybody can’t get away anymore from them.
Even if we would get away from Japan, we couldn’t.
They wouldn’t disappear anymore from the face of the Earth.
They would exist without vanishing for hundreds of millions of years.
“It is a worst-ever situation” Wakako says so and groans, and thinks that the human being would die out triggered by this catastrophe.
Unexpectedly, she notices that her iPhone vibrated and “God of Death” which is her twitter’s account received a mention of Twitter from the foreign man who said that he gave the sash to 3 Jack O’ Lanterns.
Only simple greeting –”Good morning, and thanks for following”– are spoken by him there.
He may only say such greetings for anyone whenever he receives follow on Twitter, she thought, still wrote an answer to him.
“I am the one who should thank you for giving the sash for Lanterns”
Wakako noticed that she felt strangely fun when she replied so.
Such feeling was after a long absence for her.


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    Wow, you have a gift in writing. The story is inspiring.

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