Tokyo Nuclear accident 7

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October 15th 2012  |  0  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Horror , Romantic Love , Suspense  |  Author:  |  4983 views

7.A foreign man

When I woke up on September 19, the sky of Tokyo was lucid and brightly.
As soon as I left the bed, I checked Twitter, and saw a lot of tweets like “The temperature will rise, and it seems to become hot today”.
However, the height of sky and the condition of rays signaled the approach of autumn.
I served myself a cup of coffee and continued looking into my iPhone.
And again I looked out of the window at the sky of Tokyo.
I couldn’t believe that this city with such beautiful clear sky spread was contaminated by radioactivity.
After the nuclear power plant accident in Japan, I felt so many times.
In fact, there isn’t any radioactive contamination in Tokyo, and only I might fall into a bad joke?
I might suspect that only I misread the news about the nuclear power plant accident because I wasn’t good at Japanese language?
However,the news from another countries reported the degree of the contamination in Tokyo was more serious than Japan.
But, the people of Tokyo are walking calmly around the city of Tokyo as having totally depended on anesthesia.
Never had I been not able to understood what Japanese really thought this time.
No no no,…, it isn’t true.
I can understand it somehow…why are Japanese still calm in such a situation?
Well, because I also don’t want to leave Tokyo.
There isn’t a city which is so comfortable and so exciting as Tokyo.
Tokyo is safe and rich, and people are very tender.
I liked Tokyo heartily.
If I am dreaming now, I want to awake from this bad dream.
All the people of Tokyo intend to have a dream, and believe that they must awake from this nightmare sometime, I think.
And, I have the same feeling as them.
But she was not able to have a dream.
She always covers her face with the mask and walks with fierce eyes.
After this March, she seems to stretch every nerve more and more, and refuse everything.
However, I don’t know why she isn’t going to leave Tokyo.
Although I made up my mind that I would escape from Japan, I decided that I would leave Japan after participating “Good-bye Nuclear Power Plant meetings and demonstration” today.
I have worked very hard to move the duties in Singapore from Japan at the company without getting my summer vacation.
So, now I was acquiring late vacation in addition to the holiday assigned for moving the company gave me.
Many my co-workers got away from Japan as soon as they were ready for the moving.
The woman co-warkers and theie young children had already returned to their country immediately after the nuclear power plant accident, and I also got the permission to return my country.

It was a purpose that move the base in Asia to Singapore that the normal duties of my company were reopened after this May.
Thus, I almost spent all my time finishing the remaining business recently.
Although, my elderly boss advised me to return my country, I argued that I would stay Tokyo until the end of August when the duties were completed.
He said to me “It’d be better not to do so, I’m afraid…”, but I had a regret in Japan.
If I said exactly, I was anxious about her.
Then, when I checked Twitter, I noticed that the followers of my account have increased, and checked them what kind of users.
There is an account called “God of Death” in them.
I have read the tweets of this account, because they sometimes retweeted and reach me.
His tweets were very scary, and gave me an unpleasant feeling at first.
However I became to think that his tweets were near the true fact gradually, and in such a country like Japan, such a account was necessary.
Why did the account “God of Death” follow me? Does he have any business to me?
I am surely one of the accounts appealing to protest the nuclear power plant.
Still, would I have the point of contact with him somewhere on Twitte?
“God of Death” have more than 10,000 followers, but he follows very few numbers.
It might be honored that I was chosen in his little following, but I thought it was strange.
I ate breakfast and went out to take part in the meeting and the demonstration at Meiji Park.
Again today,Three Jack O’ Lanterns were wearing the mask today when I entered the Ebisu Station yard.
I came up with incidentally and tried to send tweet to “God of Death”.
“Good morning. Thanks for following”.
I got on a train, and then got the notification in my iPhone that the tweet arrived to me.
That’s a reply from “God of Death” on Twitter.
“I am the one who should thank you for giving the sash for Lanterns”
I surely confessed that I gave the sash which I wrote as “NO NUKES” on that three Jack O’ Lanterns by tweet.
However, I was surprised to be said by thanks from “God of Death”.
And I noticed suddenly that the master of the account of “God of Death” was the large man who bonded the mask to the Jack O’ Lanterns at Ebisu station?


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