Tokyo Nuclear accident 6

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October 10th 2012  |  2  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Horror , Romantic Love , Satire , Suspense  |  Author:  |  743 views

6.Miss Sae

When I woke up, I noticed that I was wrapped in that sense again.
I felt something like nostalgia with it, if I knew that it was my body fluid.
If I said such a thing, Wakako would tell me “Would you like to die?”again, I think.
Still,when I touch the body fluid, I felt like that I was following the thing like a memory of the genesis of the life.
Surely, after this March, I became to have a nosebleed frequently.
Wakako says that it isn’t ordinary.
Then, what it is ordinary?
I think about the thing which she want to defend by wearing a mask.
Don’t blame me not to wear a mask!
I sometimes want to begin to cry.
Well, is it so?
It isn’t me to have caused the accident that happened in that area in Japan.
It isn’t me to be bad.
So, please don’t blame me not to wear a mask.
It isn’t my fault that many foods surrounded us every day were polluted.
In the days of the beginning after the accident happened, I was scared.
But I have to eat any foods for my work.
Well, it’s Maine of my work to collect data about restaurants.
I have made a lot of books about foods and restaurants until now.
Do you think that can I ask in a restaurant when I collect news?
“How much degree per 1 Kg becquerel the radioactive materials are in these ingredients”.
Becquerel was a unit to express that a radiation was emitted once for one second, I heard from Wakako.
The radiological government standard in foods which Government established after the nuclear power plant accident is abnormal worldwide, she says.
After the accident, Government raised the standard value of foods suddenly.
She said that it is not the pollution that we can eat safety.
I don’t know what is right…

By the way, It doesn’t pass much that I started association with my boyfriend.
I would like to live with him together all the time even if I experienced ridiculous a series of game for getting marriage.
I thought so seriously.
I believed that women who married changing their faith, and pretending to be a pretty bride are so stupid, but, I wanted to be in favor with the company I work too, and always changed my faith.

I gave up that there was no help for it to some extent, and would like to become his bride.
I would like to get a child with him and have a warm family although being small.
But I thought that everything became meaningless after that accident happened.
When I noticed that a situation was considerably bad, I thought that I was already beyond cure.
Wakako had been absent from the company during one month from the direct next of the nuclear plant accident.
Surely the rumor that she left Tokyo during the period would be true, I thought.
At that time, I head that she got hurt by that earthquake disaster, but a scar was left to her nowhere.
Finally, I became to know what fell in Tokyo of March after the nuclear accident.
I became to know why does she not take off a mask, too.
If I didn’t hold the nose with a tissue, I worried about a bloodstain attaching to a sheet again.
I crawl out slowly from a bed.
But I noticed suddenly before picking up a tissue and called him with a cell-phone.
After several times of calls, it leads to an answering machine.
I didn’t contact him after I met him a few days ago.
I was busy for my work the first half of these 3 consecutive holidays, but, I was able to finally have a break today.
However, I forgot to hear his plan.
He may not be absent today? I don’t know.
Just after, my cell-phone vibrated and informed me that I received an email.
“Good morning”. I am sorry not to be able to take your calling. I am in a train, now. I intend to participate in a demonstration for anti-nuclear today. Would you participate it with me?
It was an email from him.
What? Is it a demonstration?
I didn’t understand a meaning at once.
I know the group of the people of the demonstration which I often witness everywhere at the weekend in Tokyo recently.
But I wasn’t able to imagine that he was tied with that people well.
When I watched the group once in the seat next to the driver of his car, he said nothing about it.
What happen to him?
Then I touched over my lips, after all I had a nosebleed today too.


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  1. Avatar of admin admin says:

    became to have a nosebleed frequently.

  2. Tomoko says:

    Thanks for the comment, Adrin.
    I have read the report which said a lot of people have a nosebleed after the Chernobyl and Three Mile Island nuclear power plant accident. There are a lot of the same reports in Japan, too. However, please enjoy this novel as fiction:)

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