Tokyo Nuclear accident 5

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October 7th 2012  |  0  |  Category: Drama , Fiction , Horror , Romantic Love , Suspense  |  Author:  |  751 views


Wakako chased a timeline of Twitter until the early morning on September 19, 2011, and entered the bed.
A faint light has come in the room. It’s nearly dawn.
She displays a lot of cheap-looking lights which have a shape of Jack O’ Lantern; and made of plastic, she bought at a general store, in a row around her bed.
She bought them one by one every year.
In the room where these lights flickered, Wakako sat at the PC overnight.
Red light, orange light, white light, green light, blue light, and yellow light…, the light of a cheap toy surrounded her noisily and twinkled.

Her twitter account called “God of death” received intense criticism from some people by its bare evil-like language.
However, it was accepted as one radical means of the anti-nuclear power plant activity, and the followers of her account were so many as an amateur.
“God of death” doesn’t reveal its classification of sex and its township on twitter, and continue to tweet “Tokyo seems to be normal, but it is already on the verge of the crisis of extermination”
“God of Death” tweeted repeatedly “The life that is the substance of the Tokyo has been already deprived of”, and continued to describe about the city dwellers wriggling in the cityscape such as the mirage.
The tweet of such “God of death” was surely weird, but the people who regarded it as warning, and supported him(she?) increased.
By the way, Wakako knew that the Jack O’ lanterns of Ebisu Station wearing the mask were scattered on internet by intense force and it became the symbol of anti-nuclear power plant.
She saw a tweet on twitter which she interested in just some time ago.
It said that ” It was a super cool foreigner guy who put the sash written “NO NUKES” to the pumpkins. I witnessed him”
While Wakako were turning off one by one the lights of the pumpkin that she collected, she talked to herself, “Uh-uh, a super cool foreigner?”.

And she entered the bed and fell in a sleep in no time.

When she woke up, it was fine in Tokyo of September 19.
A transparent blue sky spread overhead.

“It seems to become hot today. Don’t forget drink water, while you are walking for today’s demonstration.”
“According to the diffusion expectation of the radioactivity, Tokyo is dangerous today.Wear a mask for joining the demonstraition.”

Such a tweet about today’s demonstration drift on the timeline of Twitter.
The scale of the demonstration of anti-nuclear power plant became more big little by little , and has been repeated since the nuclear power plant accident occurred, but today may be said that it is the final stage.
Even if this fight continues all the time, there is a recognition on the timeline of Twitter that today is very important, Wakako felt.
Wakako boiled water of the plastic bottle for a cup of coffee.
And while she were eating imported serial she bought yesterday in Seijo Ishii at Ebisu station, mixing dried fruit and soybean milk–This is because the milk made in Japan is particularly dangerous. Radioactive material may concentrate in a milch-cow. She heard that after Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, many health damages were given by polluted milk–, she continued to type the key of PC in order to look for a followup about the foreign man who put the sash on the Jack O’ Lanterns.
Twitter account of him became clear plainly in a few minutes.
The account sent tweet in English mainly, and Japanese was sometimes mixed, too.
The master of the account that translated news about a nuclear power plant of Japan and radioactive exposure into English and sent them to steadily for foreign countries made remark that he put the sash on the Jack O’ Lanterns at Ebisu.
He didn’t write why he put the sash.
But he surely stated that he did it.
Wakako started to follow his account.
The master of this account wrote that he is going to participate in the demonstration today.
Wakako is going to participate in the demonstration today, too.


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